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Bama Draft Contest - Final submission

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  • Mark Morse
    This is it!  Well I hope its it!  Probably not it!  Actually its really shit!  I don t have a clue!   I predict the #22 will be traded!   Jermaine
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2010
      This is it!  Well I hope its it!  Probably not it!  Actually its really shit!  I don't have a clue!
      I predict the #22 will be traded!
      Jermaine Gresham and Jerry Hughes will not be selected by the Patriots! 
      1.                       Sam Bradford                    QB          Oklahoma
      2.                       Ndamukong Suh                DT           Nebraska
      3.                       Gerald McCoy                   DT           Oklahoma
      4.                       Trent Williams                  OT           Oklahoma
      5.                       Bryan Bulaga                    OT            Iowa
      6.                       Russell Okung                  OT            Oklahoma St                                                     
      7.                       Eric Berry                            S             Tennessee
      8.                       Mike Iupati                       OG            Idaho
      9.                       Dan Williams                    DT            Tennessee
      10.                  Brandon Graham                DE            Michigan             
      11.                   Rolando McClain               ILB           Alabama
      12.                   DeMaryius Thomas           WR          Georgia Tech
      13.                   Joe Haden                          CB           Florida
      14.                   Ryan Matthews                  RB           Fresno St
      15.                   Maurkice Pouncey              C             Florida
      16.                  Jean Pierre-Paul                  DE           South Florida
      17.                   Jimmy Clausen                   QB          Notre Dame
      18.                   Anthony Davis                    OT          Rutgers
      19.                  Derrick Morgan                   DE            Georgia Tech    
      20.                   CJ Spiller                            RB           Clemson
      21.                   Jermaine Gresham             TE           Oklahoma
      22.                   Dez Bryant                         WR         Oklahoma St
      23.                   Jerry Hughes                      LB           TCU
      24.                   Kyle Wilson                        CB           Boise St
      25.                   Earl Thomas                        S              Texas                                   
      26.                   Sergio Kindle                      DE           Texas
      27.                   Sean Weatherspoon           LB           Missouri
      28.                    Jared Odrick                      DT           Penn St
      29.                   Devin McCourty                 CB           Rutgers
      30.                   Tim Tebow                         QB          Florida
      31.                   Rodger Saffold                   OT          Indiana
      32.                   Daryl Washington              LB           TCU
      Patriots first 2nd Round selection – Jason Alualu 
       <font face="comic sans ms" color="#438059" size="5">Mark </font>
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