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  • George R
    ***** Yeah, we lost. I hate losing. But, as I noted earlier, the season is young, and far from lost. More important to me was the great experience of meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
      ***** Yeah, we lost. I hate losing. But, as I noted earlier, the season
      is young, and far from lost. More important to me was the great
      experience of meeting so many of the gang that I've been talking to
      here for about 7 years now. What a great group!

      ***** I have to extend a very special thanks to Al and Karen for the
      invite to the fabulous beach party we had at Mission Beach, hosted by a
      friend from their high school days, Ernie. A gorgeous day, mixing with
      the gang, tossing beers, and having some laughs. The only problem I had
      was that Monty stole my camera, and spent much of his time there taking
      pictures of scantily clad women as the walked, ran, bicycled, and
      roller bladed past us along the beach walk behind the house. ;-)

      ***** My only regrets (other than the game) were that:
      1. The place I rented turned out to be located over the mountains
      and through the woods, PAST grandmothers house! It was such a nasty
      drive that we never had the party I planned, and I had to re-pack the 2
      cases of soda, case of beer, large bottle of white wine, bottle of Glen
      Livet that I had hoped to share with Phil and Monty, and 3 huge backs
      of pretzels and chips. Five freakin' trips to the car to repack that
      stuff. I'm damn near a dead man tonight! :-)
      2. The damn caterer screwed up the location in the parking lot,
      which I had clearly given them, and they had acknowledged; and followed
      that up with cold hot dogs and burgers! I had expected an on-site
      grill, and fresh dogs and burgers. Obviously, I should have gone into
      that detail with them while setting it up. For that, I apologize to all
      of you. The food part of our trip sucked!

      ***** But, back to the good news. I am already looking forward to the
      next trip, which, of course, we have unanimously agreed will NOT be
      referred to as a Jxxxx! Wherever we go. Whatever we do. We're gonna go
      through it together! Great to meet you all, and let's get those of you
      who missed this one to the next one!

      ***** By the way, those who joined me down at the Gaslamp District will
      probably agree that it is a happenin' place! I again suggest that, if
      you haven't already done so, you call the Gaslamp Plaza Suites, where I
      have a reservation for Supre Bowl weekend. If they still have
      availability, BOOK A ROOM! It's at the corner of E St and 5th, which
      you who were there know is right at the head of the district strip. A
      GREAT place to stay! Park in the hotel garage, and never leave the
      area, unless you plan to go to the Zoo or Sea World. Everything you
      want is right there.

      ***** Finally, a very special "hank you" to my new friend Ostend. We
      had a great time, buddy. And I sort of enjoyed the company of that guy
      who kept following you around also! ... Randy, I love ya, my friend!!

      George 665 + 36 =
      ** World Champion N E Patriots **

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