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RE: [patriotzip] Super Bowl

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  • George Richman
    I agree on Manning, Mike. Nobody who knows football can argue with his talent as a player. To each his own opinion on his personality, etc.. Personally, I have
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      I agree on Manning, Mike. Nobody who knows football can argue with his talent as a player. To each his own opinion on his personality, etc.. Personally, I have no objections to that either. He’s self-effacing. Has a good sense of humor. And he’s very much a good sport in his comments about other teams and players.


      Polian, as I’ve said, is my reason for being anti-Colts. I do consider him to be arrogant and unsportsmanlike.



      Tea Party - celebrate American freedom!


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      You hit the nail on the head, IMO anyway. I grew up fortunate enough to have been raised by a father and coaches who preached sportsmanship first and foremost. "Two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate!" was our chant for our little league opponents as soon as the game was over. Respect for other teams and their fans continued as I played sports in high school and college. Today, professional coaches and players move about the league, changing jerseys all the time. Yesterday's Jet is tomorrow's Patriot. So unbridled hatred seems even sillier.

      Fans generally support the team they grow up watching on TV in their area. Or perhaps it's the team their transplanted father always rooted for. Whatever. I just can't understand actually hating another team or another player, providing that player is not a cheap shot artist. But those players are rare and generally don't last very long.

      Peyton Manning, IMO, is a great QB in his prime. His knowledge of the game, ability to adjust instantaneously, together with his quick release and pinpoint accuracy are inarguable and really quite astounding. I don't see what good it does to deride him as "Guber" or anything else unflattering. It is unsportsmanlike, to say the least. As good sportsmen (and sportswoman) let's feel good that the Indianapolis and New Orleans fans will have their walk in the sun today.

      May the best team win. And please, God, not by a blown call!



      From: Kevin Morgan <ps2dad@...>
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      George, I think you are referring to the fans of other teams who post on our blogs or attend  Patriots games.  I don't want to sound like a homer, but I grew up 80 miles East of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, PA.  My entire childhood was spent in Steeler country.  Everyone I know was a Steelers fan.  Sure, there was some arrogance, and  poking fun at other teams, and hatred for the rivals (Browns, Bengals), but I have been surrounded by different fan bases in Houston TX (Oilers), and here in Worcester MA (Patriots), and I assure you, no group of fans is singularly worse than another.  Every fan follows their team practically to the exclusion of all others, and takes any type of criticism of their team very personally.  I am not offended that you feel that Steelers fans are arrogant, because I know that the same applies to our own fan base here in New England.  My Dad was never arrogant, but he was a die-hard Steelers fan.  I have many fond memories of those days, and can't recall any arrogance at any game I attended or watched on TV with the large group of family & friends that gathered every Sunday.  I now cheer for the Patriots, and usually to the exclusion of all ther teams!  As to the Super Bowl today, I will watch mostly out of love for the game.  And curiosity.  

      Anything can happen, to Anyone, at Anytime.



      From: George Richman <patswingr@gmail. com>
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      My primary reason for being anti-Colts is Polian, and his long history of arrogant and unsportsmanlike behavior. I have nothing against any of the players, including Manning. As for the fans, they fall behind both Oakland and Pittsburgh on the “no class” scale, IMO.


      GO SAINTS!



      Tea Party - celebrate American freedom!


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      Mike, I can appreciate that.  I usually cheer on the AFC team when my Patriots aren’t in it of course.  But these Colts I just can’t support, and not because of Manning or any of the players, I don’t have much feeling against them.  I will be breaking with tradition and cheering on the Saints for two reasons, they have 1) not won a Superbowl, and 2) their fans are better people in my opinion.  I say their fans are better because the Colts fans are the only fans that I am aware of that have 1) booed an injured player, and 2) booed some kid in the NFL ‘Punt, Pass, and Kick Program.  Yes, I know Patriots fans aren’t perfect, I’ve seen a lot that has proven that fact to me, but my teams fans have never stooped so low as to boo an injured player or some poor kid because they didn’t like his jersey.  In fact even Raiders fans and Eagles fans haven’t stooped so low as Colts fans though Eagles fans did boo Santa a long time ago but at least Santa wasn’t a kid…





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      Well, tomorrow is the big day and I know a lot of you don't see my point of view on this, but I have to throw my support behind the Colts — because they represent the AFC. (Forgive me, George.)

      I won't be brokenhearted if the Saints win though. That would be a real Cinderella story. Let's just hope for some great football. I think this one is gonna be a real barn burner!

      Go AFC! Go Colts!




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