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RE: [patriotzip] Re: No More Coaches For Patriots

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  • George Richman
    I can t identify anyone that I d suggest as a possible OC, Kevin. Not now that Weis is gone. But I find it hard to believe that there isn t an offensive mind
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2010

      I can’t identify anyone that I’d suggest as a possible OC, Kevin. Not now that Weis is gone. But I find it hard to believe that there isn’t an offensive mind out there, either in the NFL or the NCAA who can do a better job of setting up game plans, designing plays, and making in-game adjustments, than what we got from O’Brien and friends last season. The predictability, the imbalance in the run-pass ratio, the excessive use of the shotgun, and the lack of options for passes to RBs and TEs, were all, IMO, deficiencies in the offensive coaching.


      The fact that we saw little, if any, improvement in those things from game 1 to game 17 does not inspire me with confidence that there’s reason to hope for improvement from the same group of coaches next season.


      If BB had hired a new OC, I certainly wouldn’t have been certain that the change would ensure improvement. But I would have had increased hope for it, compared to what I feel right now, with only more of the same to look forward to.



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      George,  this looks a lot like last year's staff, on offense, anyway.  In the article (thanks for that, btw) it is pointed out that this may spread BB thin.  BB states that he trusts his coaches to essentially be role-fillers.  The coordinators' job is to bring the different elements together.  Okay, BB is doing that on defense.  Who is doing it on offense? Nobody.  He has faith in O'Brien.  Maybe we should, too.  There is a very interesting article at Pats Pulpit about this very subject.  Sorry, I can't recall the author or date, but it is less than a week ago that I read it.  The author pretty much points out the type of job O'Brien did, and wants us all to give him a chance.  What options are there?  Who would you like to see calling the plays?  I don't even know who is available. 

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