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  • John Warren
    Rob, I was not at all impressed with McMichael when he played for Georgia against BC in the Bowl Game last year. I think he was invisible. I had some
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 24, 2002

      I was not at all impressed with McMichael when he
      played for Georgia against BC in the Bowl Game last
      year. I think he was invisible. I had some
      disagreement about him with Georgia fans! He came out
      as a Junior in a year that was loaded with TE
      prospects. There was alot of concern about him
      especially his blocking. Well ... we were all wrong
      about him.

      The comaparison to Graham is unfair. Graham is the
      3rd TE in our sytem that has a TD scored by each of
      them in our 1st 3 games. Don't forget that Cleeland
      caught 54 passes his rookie year and looked all world.
      There isn't a team in the league that can out a 3 TE
      set together like ours.
      --- Rob Bosch <rbosch@...> wrote:
      > Yeah...I forgot to mention Randy McMichael. Where
      > the hell did this guy come
      > from? That's the kind of production I want to see
      > out of Daniel Graham. It's
      > hard to compare the two of them, since Graham has a
      > lot more competition in
      > front of him with Cleeland and Fauria. And Graham
      > did have a nice TD on
      > Sunday. But this McMichael guy looks like a beast.
      > The one thing in the Pats favor is the Dolphin
      > defense. I don't think it's
      > as good as it once was, thouugh by no means is it a
      > poor unit. I think the
      > Pats will move the ball against the Dolphins. But
      > then again, I'm getting
      > ahead of myself. The Chargers are going to be a pain
      > in the butt this
      > Sunday. They have a very good running game and a
      > stout defense.
      > -Pats Freak
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      > rbosch@... writes:
      > Is anybody else scared of this guy right now? He
      > does NOT look like the same
      > guy that was running for the Saints. The criticism
      > against him in the past
      > was that he was not a "home run" threat. He was a
      > guy that could get you the
      > tough yards...but he would not bust out the 30 and
      > 40 yard runs. Well I know
      > that he lost 15 lbs this offseason, and when I see
      > highlights of him now it
      > looks like he is very explosive. This worries me in
      > that the Pat's run
      > defense was so pathetic on Sunday. I don't expect
      > that to continue,
      > especially when Bruschi and Phifer return, but it
      > still does concern me. Am
      > I overreacting?
      > -Pats Freak
      > No, the Pats are in trouble against the Phins.
      > Phins have a top performing
      > rookie TE and a tall WR to complement the faster,
      > shiftier Williams who's
      > somehow not nutballing out this year. We could end
      > up with 11 wins, lose
      > the division and even miss the playoffs.
      > -philw
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