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Re: [patriotzip] Pick Your Poison

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  • Susan Moore
    You are absolutely right in that we do get spoiled and expect great things every year. I think that s the reality of any sport...no team wins all the time,
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 19, 2010
      You are absolutely right in that we do get spoiled and expect great things every year. I think that's the reality of any sport..no team wins all the time, every year and it goes in cycles. Right now it's just hard for me to process it because I thought we had a better team than last year--better record last year and didn't make the playoffs.
      I just had such high hopes with Brady coming off the injured list and back to normal. But, as you said, let's hope the changes put us back into the Super Bowl!!
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      I look at this and sort of laugh... we have gotten so spoiled.  I remember when we only won 1 game during the season... to make it to the playoffs and host a game is not a BAD season.  Obviously, you would love to win the big prize every year but that really is not realistic.  We will make some changes this off season and then wait and see if those changes will put us in a position to go back to the big game.  We made it to the play offs this year, that is an improvement from last year! 

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      Whoa, Susan! I'm afraid you're not seeing things very objectively if you don't believe that these two teams are better than ours was this year. They had better coaching and better players, overall, than we did. The Patriots team did not play at anything close to a championship level in most of their games. As I pointed out earlier, the 10 wins we got came against 9 teams with a combined record of 66-78 - LOSERS. We beat only 2 playoff teams, the Jets and the Ravens, both of them at home, and also lost a game to each of them.
      This was not a good Patriots team, Susan. We have to accept that, and move on with hope for major improvements to both coaching and players during the upcoming off-season.

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      I know, I agree with you here...it's just that I can't stand either team and am disgusted that these are the teams in the AFC championship game. Can't do anything about it, but am disappointed anyway Part of it is sour grapes because I don't believe these two teams are better than ours, so we should be in there. Only trouble with us is that we didn't play up to standards and are on the outside now.
      It's like the title here says...pick your poison, would you rather be shot of hanged or something like that?
      I don't like either team for various reasons and also for the reasons you suggested. It's going to be hard to root either team on, that's for sure.
      I hate the things that the Jets organization did to us and inferred about us, but I also loathe the Nags organization too and the manipulations that they've done so Goober looks better than he really is (as George has outlined).
      Normally, I love the game of football in general and the Pats and a few other teams specifically- -I'll watch just about any game for the love of that sport. Now?? I just don't know if I can watch the AFC game, but I'll cheer on the NFC entrants and I guess hope that one of those teams wins the Super Bowl.
      GO PATS!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
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      Anybody but goober, over and over? Yet the jets should be the real nemesis! Ryan bashes the pats, the jets "call" the pats cheaters (and everyone knows this stigma has stuck) and their organization just tries their best in anyway possible way to mess with the patriots organization. Yet everyone is against manning? I for one hope the goober and the colts crush the jets!
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      Sigh....I know George, it's hard to root for either team now. While I don't like the Chargers (and I live in L.A.), I really didn't want to see our nemesis win either. I don't really want to hear over and over about "Sanchez from USC this, etc".
      BUT, now for me it's anybody but Goober--can' t stand his smug face as he walked off the field. I thought the Ravens would have given them more of a challenge too.
      My Cowboys blew it today but I still think that I'm going to root for the NFC team in the SB. New Orleans has never been to a Super Bowl and the Vikings have been but never won. Don't really care now as long as Goober and his Nags go down before the Super Bowl.
      2011 WILL be the year of the Patriots!!!! !!!!!!!
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      From: George
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      I honestly don't know which is worse, the Patriots NOT making it to the AFC Championship, or the Jets and Colts playing that game.
      I will not watch it. I'll watch the NFC Championship, then I'll wait for the Super Bowl, and root with all my heart for the NFC team!!

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