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RE: [patriotzip] Proof that Cafardo Does NOT Know Football

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  • Rob Bosch
    Yeah but Cowher has a great jaw. That has to count for something right? -Pats Freak ... From: philw1776@aol.com [mailto:philw1776@aol.com] Sent: Friday,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2002
      Yeah but Cowher has a great jaw. That has to count for something right?

      -Pats Freak

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      Subject: [patriotzip] Proof that Cafardo Does NOT Know Football

      Nick, Would you still choose Bill Cowher to lead your team rather than Bill
      Belichick after seeing the Steelers destroyed by the Patriots on Monday
      Night Football?
      -- John Countie, Merrimac A: I think I answered this one already, but I'll
      answer it again. I think sometimes we make the mistake around here of
      declaring the season over after a couple of games. If we did that last
      season, we wouldn't have watched the Patriots overcome an 0-2 start. Cowher
      has been a very good, consistent coach throughout his career. He's the
      longest tenured coach in the AFC. I believe Cowher will win a Super Bowl
      someday. I think he coached a horrible game against the Patriots and right
      now that team isn't playing well. Am I ready to say after two games that the
      Steelers are all done? No, I'm not. If you know anything about football, you
      know Cowher is one of the best and most respected coaches in the game. For
      now, sure I'd take Belichick. In the long run, I might take Cowher.

      Nick, you are SO lame.
      I give Cowher major props for continual rebuilding to quality after the
      front office loses players to FA. But a real winner needs to win playoff
      games. He's in Schottenheimer's league with playoff losses. Cowher's fatal
      flaw is not realizing that he does not have a QB. BB is a winner because he
      assessed his much less clear cut QB situation and made a far, far more
      difficult decision.

      -philw (Cafardo will not answer my cap ignorance question)

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