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Re: [patriotzip] NPC: Hockey Nut?

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    That was a great finish. Don t want to get too far off topic here but that was a well watched event. The modern Bruins have a very good team and they are
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2010
      That was a great finish. Don't want to get too far off topic here but that was a well watched event. The modern Bruins have a very good team and they are missing a couple of their better players who are out with injuries.

      My first exposure to hockey was the 1971-72 season when the Bruins won their second 'modern era' Stanley Cup. What a team, Derek Sanderson, Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr, John Bucyk, I could name them all from memory. I see a big difference between today's players and the players from the 70's and before. If you get a chance to see any of the Bruins Alumni All Star games you will see what I mean. They had a good one on last week with Brad Park and Orr playing. The old players were such smooth skaters and they used momentum far more advantageously than the modern players who rely more on speed and slap shooting than stick-handling, passing, wrist-shooting and the one I miss most - the hip-check which is all but gone from the game. The Bruins had two of the best hip-checkers in John Bucyk and Brad Park. Brad Park could practically stick-handle in a phone booth and deke everyone else out of their jocks. I think losing those attributes makes watching on TV far less appealing. Unfortunately the NHL is not afraid to shoot themselves in the foot and consequently has legislated some of hockey's most appealing points out of the game.

      Bobby Orr looked trim and fit. I don't care what they say about Wayne Gretzky - who was an outstanding hockey player, Orr in his prime was a better all around player with more natural skill. One of the biggest differences in their careers was Gretzky had Marty McSorley to protect him. Orr had to fight his own battles and it cost him a lot of time out of his career because other teams started running at his knees to slow him down and that is when Orr really started piling up the injuries. On the other hand any opposing player who so much as looked at Gretzky cross-eyed would invoke a raving madman in McSorley trying to beat them to a pulp to deal with for the rest of the game.


      At 07:40 PM 1/2/2010 +0700, you wrote:

      I was able to watch the Bruins 2-1 OT victory over the Flyers on Hong Kong's  new 'ASN' network we have here in Thailand. Great game! There has never been NHL available here before the ASN network was born this year.

      I've always said that hockey is the BEST sport to watch in person. Football is the best on TV. The only factor that keeps hockey behind football on TV is that it's just too damn fast; and the camera can't follow the puck, and still show the plays forming. Even more so than football, you have to see the whole field to follow the game.

       But it was great to see the Bruins become the first home team to win a "Winter Classic" at Fenway Park! I may have to watch a lot more hockey this year than I have ever watched. (Going to have to learn a lot to do that. I have no idea who the players are!)

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