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RE: [patriotzip] The Texans

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    Houston will be another good test of just where this team s mind set is. Last week they took care of business, did what they needed to do and handled a
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      Houston will be another good test of just where this team's mind set is. Last week they took care of business, did what they needed to do and handled a relatively weak team the way they should. This week I'm looking for the same effort and the same no-nonsense approach that will continue to build momentum and attitude for the playoffs.

      Brady says he will play the whole game. Haven't heard anything on Wilfork and Warren but they have already taken some time off so it might be best to get them in there to keep the rust from accumulating.


      At 09:34 AM 12/31/2009 +0700, you wrote:

      No question in my mind that Houston is a significantly better team than Jacksonville, starting at QB. Schaub is an underrated "real deal". And let's not overlook the fact that this game is in their house.
      This would be a much more difficult game for us, even if we had the same level of need/motivation that we had for Jacksonville, which, let's face it, we don't.
      I'm a firm believer in the value of momentum, so I definitely want a win this week. But I still favor resting the guys who need to mend some (Warren and Wilfork), and removing Brady early, if the Texans pass rush is getting to him. A loss under those circumstances would not be a disaster, by any means.

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      I absolutely believe we matched up better against Jacksonville than against Houston. Better team is a subjective term
      as it really involves the match-up. Houston can generate good pass rush which the Jaguars do not do as well and that
      is a tremendous Patriot benefit as Brady evidenced in his performance against the Jags. The offensive line has been
      considerably improved with Vollmer insteady of Kaiczur at right tackle but will it be enough to hold back the Houston
      rush? They generate a lot of pressure and slowing it will be a key to this game.

      Similarly the Jags were a run first and predominantly team which usually is a good match for us as we do well against
      one dimensional teams and can typically stop the run when we put our focus there. Now doing it without Wilfork and
      Warren (only 5 snaps on D) is an impressive accomplishment.

      Houston loves to throw and who is better at wideout than Andre Johnson? Wes is certainly fantastic and Moss has some
      amazing aspects for certain but our defense will have their hands full trying to get pressure and/or cover Johnson and
      the Texans passing attack.

      Houston is on the edge of playoff elimination and will be very motivated. New England has a little less of that
      motivation though keeping their stride from the uity and progress of the last few games is an important aspect of
      hitting the playoffs ready to play. Also interestingly we might end up hosting the Texans next week in some scenarios
      which means we want to either beat them and end that or not show them too much of our best game plan since back to back
      weeks are challenging adjustments for any team.

      Should be interesting all around!

      Go Pats!

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