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Re: [patriotzip] A small request??

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    Hey Susan, I m not crazy about PM either and I do not think he is funny. When others talk favourably about him you might feel better by remembering (and maybe
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 18, 2009
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      Hey Susan,

      I'm not crazy about PM either and I do not think he is funny. When others talk favourably about him you might feel better by remembering (and maybe pointing out) that PM had little success against the Pats until the people who run his team got it out of our division so they wouldn't have to play us and usually lose twice a year during the season giving them no shot at the playoffs. At the time PM was well on his way to developing a complex that he couldn't ever beat NE especially when it mattered. But that still didn't work so to win their first playoff game against the Pats they needed to turn the heat in their stadium up so much that even the announcers remarked about how hot it was to wear down the Pats - many of whom had the flu and had just endured a very tough away playoff game against the Chargers. There was also something to do with jamming our communication equipment I believe - someone correct me if I am wrong please. Their front office had to go to a lot of trouble to save PM that deer-in-the-headlights look that we all enjoyed so much. I like to call it manipulation that borders on cheating so anything the team and PM has done after that deserves an asterick IMO because I believe without those and other manipulations PM would be just another QB who didn't fullfil his promise.

      Besides the fact that they draft well I don't respect the Colts any more than I did the Montreal Canadians all those years they won 22 Stanley Cups (hockey's SB) while having exclusive rights to every prospective draft pick within 50 miles of Montreal, which was sort of like giving them the option to pick as many players as they wanted in the entire first round. Since that rule was changed they have won 2 cups.

      Some teams and players (like our Pats) win because they are good and can overcome any obstacle their sport can throw at them. Others like to tilt the field wherever they can. Just gives me more pride in and respect for teams like the Pats.


      At 08:26 AM 12/18/2009 -0800, you wrote:

      Could I just throw something out there? Was going to email Randy off-list, but maybe I'll just ask it on here. It's a Patriots list and that's what I love about it..absolutely a great group of people and I love you all (ahhh....). Lately it seems as though several times a week we have to hear about Peyton Manning this and the Colts that. I'm just wondering if maybe we could change that? The ones that seem to love the Colts and Manning (or any other team) could join a football discussion list and then talk about those other teams? They could discuss any other team's exploits or any other player's greatness and then we could keep it to the Patriots exploits here?
      Each poster's own opinions belong to them and that's great, but this is for the Patriots discussions. After the 2007 Super Bowl that one poster kept on yakking about the Giants this and Manning that and it made me want to unsubscribe.
      Love this list Randy!!

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