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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Panthers)

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  • Dave L
    The Good - Maroney continues to be the back we thought he could be. He pounded out yardage and always ended up going forward. The only time I remember seeing
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2009
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      The Good
      - Maroney continues to be the back we thought he could be. He pounded out yardage and always ended up going forward. The only time I remember seeing him get knocked backwards was at then end of a 10 yard run when one defender stood him up, couldn't knock him down and held him until 2 other guys hit him.
      - On the other hand, Welker continues to get knocked down over and over, but keeps getting up. That blast that he took deep in our own end was teeth rattling. Instead of slowly getting up, he pops us, and starts calling for the crowd to get into it. What a man.
      - The entire team played a great 2nd half. We moved the ball up and down the field and limited Carolina to a FG with no threatening drives.
      - The OL kept Brady clean and upright for most of the game. No sacks and only a couple of pressures. They also helped the running game by opening big holes on occasion.
      - I don't think there is a single team in the league that wouldn't love to have Kevin Faulk on their team. Him and Troy Brown are my 2 all time favorite Pats. Welker, after a couple of years, may very well join the list.
      - I thought our D played a very nice game. Other than the long pass to Smith for the TD and the one on the sideline that should have been a pick but turned into a hell of a catch, they didn't allow the Panthers anything.
      - We finally had a late drive that ate some clock and ended in points that pretty much iced the game. It helped that there was a big penalty involved. We then were able to take our final possession and run out the clock which we haven't done all year.
      - Nice to see 2 guys who got kicked out the other day step up and make a play at the end. Burgess and Guyton ice the game.
      - Brady actually looked for Watson and found him a couple of times. I would love to see us spread the ball around a little more.
      - Carolina's play at the end of the half was very well designed. The catch and lateral were done perfectly and there was even a trailing player for another lateral if it was possible. Ran out of bounds but a nice play design.
      - The Razor's Edge Tailgate was, once again, a tremendous time. I had a blast. I came down with 9 other people from Maine and we were welcomed into the fold without question. It was such a great time. Everyone here has already mentioned what a good time they had and many will try and spend the after game festivities next year.

      The Bad
      - Randy Moss. 1 catch and a fumble is not the stat line you need. He had alligator arms on one pass, dropped another and didn't seem to jump up well for a 3rd. I listened to the Brady radio spot on Monday and he said that Randy ran a different route than expected on the INT. He read something that Brady saw differently. I don't know if it was just covering for a bad play or a bad route.
      - Too many turnovers. Against a good team, we lose but Carolina couldn't capitalize. Bad fumble by Morris at the beginning of the 2nd half. Points there and we are in command. Instead, he ruins a great drive by coughing up the ball in the red zone. The Brady pick was a miscommunication that shouldn't happen this late in the season. Moss putting one on the ground.
      - Who here thinks AD will ever play another game for the Pats after throwing BB under the bus. If you have a problem at your job, talk to your boss. Don't tell tales and say you don't understand what's going on. You were late after being yelled at for a poor effort. Do your job.
      - Can we now stop the FB dive on 4th and 1. We just can't do it. Give it to Maroney with a full head of steam and let him pick up the yard. Giving it to the FB basically takes the RB out of the play. With the QB handing off, it's really 9 on 11 at that point.
      - Overall, it was a pretty boring game. It wasn't very suspenseful nor was it a well played ball game. I still had fun, however.

      The Ugly
      - Carolina's DBs spouting off at Moss how he didn't try. Loved the comebacks from Brady and BB. Brady said that he has seen Gamble get beaten plenty of times. BB went even further. "I have a lot of respect for Randy. I think he's one of our best players," Belichick said. "If you watch other teams defend him, watch other teams play against him, they think the same way, other than these two guys from Carolina after they lost another game. I guess they don't think that way, but they haven't won a lot of games now...My response would be that's a lot of conversation coming from a team that just lost another game." And then this little gem that goes up there with the Ochocinco quote about spygate. "You know how I feel about stats, Stats are for losers. Final scores are for winners."
      - The weather during the game was pretty bad with a constant cold drizzle. After the game it started coming down harder. During the ride home, it was pouring hard enough that it made driving an adventure. Got home safe and sound though. A little damp but safe.
      - It was going to be in the Good section originally but he had to go and mention something. Randy, when describing the GBU to a non-list member, mentions that somehow he always ends up in the ugly list. Well here you go bud.

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