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Re: [patriotzip] The Guys Who Didn't Practice on Weds.

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Sending those guys home wasn t imo so much to inspire them as to make it clear to the entirety of the team how serious BB is about the commitment he feels is
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      Sending those guys home wasn't imo so much to inspire them as to make it clear to the entirety of the team how serious
      BB is about the commitment he feels is necessary. So I wouldn't have expected it to inspire those four guys. Now how
      each responded to the situation was very telling.

      AD took no personal responsibility and is effectively off this team. I only wish they could have made him sit in the
      rain for it...though he'd probably have been late! ;-)

      Moss is generalyy a very sensitive player and he's in the midst of a tough run anyhow. It wasn't a surprise that he
      played less than well but how poorly he played did surprise me. I'll take his blockng as a sign of some hope.

      Now Burgess said the right things in my mind. He didn't like being sent home but he took ownership of his part in
      making that happen and was clear on how to ensure it wouldn't happen again.

      Guyton as we now know showed up that night and did more film study - remaining silent to the media but clearly checking
      in to the team.

      The play that tells me the message was received is the sack where Guyton and Burgess combined for it on the Panthers
      final third down. They were playing hard whether well or not I think they were both playing mostly their typical game.

      Burgess is said to be working hard all year and just not getting it done on gameday...this puts him a far cry from
      Adelius imo.

      Now with Warren speaking out against AD I think it shows he's off the team in their minds and they are rallying around
      the team. We'll see...

      Go Pats!
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      > Randy Moss had a horrendous day catching and handling the ball. He had at
      > least two drops, maybe a 3rd. Caught one pass and then fumbled it. On the
      > interception, I thought he just wasn't trying. One of the announcers thought
      > he looked confused and indecisive like he wasn't sure where he was supposed
      > to go. Neither I or the announcer can read minds though. Outside of
      > handling the ball, Moss did pretty well blocking. I saw him come running back
      > into the screen one time to get a block. He took on two defenders in the 5
      > yard chuck zone, allowing Welker to get open one time. ( Welker and Moss were
      > stacked, both defenders hit Moss and he shoved both guys back.) While the
      > blocks were nice, and I was glad he was at least doing that, you expect
      > receiving production from Moss. In that area, he was horrible today. He looked
      > distracted.
      > Adalius Thomas was inactive, so we couldn't see how missing practice might
      > have affected his play.
      > Gary Guyton had an okay game. He had a nice deflection to bat away a pass
      > thrown to Steve Smith. He also had some tackles.
      > Derrick Burgess didn't seem to be on the field much early in the game.
      > Pierre Woods played a lot opposite of Banta-Cain. When Woods got hurt,
      > Ninkovich (spelling?) came in. Burgess stayed on the field late in the 4th
      > quarter. Despite that, I saw Burgess get good pressure on the QB two times prior
      > to his sack. Once was on one of the rare occasions I noticed him on the field
      > earlier in the game. Another came in the 4th quarter. Then he got the
      > sack, and followed with a great effort on Carolina's final play. He rushed, was
      > blocked well, spun away and started to get pressure as Moore rolled out.
      > Carolina's Matt Moore got the pass away, and Burgess came off Moore and
      > tackled the receiver. Despite limited playing time, it was one of Burgess's
      > better games as a Patriot, which isn't saying much.
      > So here's what I thought of the four players today:
      > One didn't play.
      > One had an awful game.
      > Two did okay. Not great, but okay.
      > I was hoping to see if missing practice helped these guys out. It sure
      > didn't help Moss. Maybe it helped Burgess.
      > Today was one of the few times this season that the team did better in the
      > first half than the second half. We came into the game having outscored
      > opponents in the first half by over 100 points. Our opponents had outscored us
      > by 3 in the second. Today the first half was 7-7. We were lucky that we
      > weren't playing a good QB, because the defense was leaving a lot of guys
      > open. The Pats were making a lot of the same mistakes they've made all season
      > long, complete with handing Carolina great field position on yet another
      > failed 4th down.
      > The Pats won the second half 13-3. (Those field goals can add up when you
      > kick them.) So, while the first half was discouraging, it was nice to see
      > the team finally do well at one thing they've struggled with all year. It was
      > even nicer to see them win.
      > It was an ugly win, but I'll take it. On to Buffalo next week, and let's
      > hope the Pats can get a road win.
      > Scott Sheaffer


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