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Re: [patriotzip] On To the Dolphins

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  • Susan Moore
    HEY!!! Has anyone missed me...the SoCal Pats fan? Had a huge computer meltdown and then the emails wouldn t post. I could see the messages but couldn t send a
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      HEY!!! Has anyone missed me...the SoCal Pats fan? Had a huge computer meltdown and then the emails wouldn't post. I could see the messages but couldn't send a post...grrrr. I think that it's working now.
      Last week's game was ugly and disappointing, BUT I'm not really disheartened about our chances. I think that we'll go 12-4 and that's great for the playoffs, since last year we were 11-5 and barely missed. Except for the Fish and us no one has gone undefeated and most Super Bowl winners are 12-4 or higher. Does anyone know the breakdown of 12-4 or 13-3 winners and so on?
      I was bummed last week because I really thought we'd beat the Aints and of course I don't like to see the two teams at 11-0..my take? I think that tomorrow at least one of them is going to go down--most teams have done that, even the Whiners in their heyday and the 1985 Bears lost games. The Nags are NOT the team that their record says they are, not by a long shot and I predict the neither team will be in the Super Bowl. I think the we have a good chance and so do the Vikings.
      Miami has had some really good game this season so we shouldn't take them for granted, but I'm not uneasy. Too bad the Jets won last night...would have been better for the Jills to win.
      GO GET EM PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      This could be a tough one. The Pats traditionally struggle in Miami. The Dolphins are desperate. The wild card scene is crowded, and if they lose tomorrow, their chances of winning the division will be almost zero. The Patriots would have the tiebreaker PLUS a 3 game lead with only 4 games left. If the Dolphins win, they pull within 1 game, tie NE on the first tiebreaker, and are in position to possibly win or tie on the second tiebreaker. So, this is a must win. I'd expect them to leave everything they have on the field. Plus, after being humiliated in the first game, I'd expect Joey Porter is going give everything he's got. So this could be tough.
      That said, the Pats should win if they show up ready to match Miami's intensity and to play tough and smart football.
      Scott Sheaffer

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