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  • George
    Thanks for mentioning those short pass routes, Don. I forgot to discuss that in my criticisms of the OC. At least 3 times that I can recall, our short or
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 2009
      Thanks for mentioning those short pass routes, Don. I forgot to discuss
      that in my criticisms of the OC. At least 3 times that I can recall, our
      "short" or "check down" receivers were running routes that were 3-4 yards
      short of the required yardage for a 1st down, when that required yardage was
      only 7 yards or less. WTF is that?! Why aren't the routes designed for the
      cut to be made either right at, or a yard BEYOND the sticks?!

      If it happened on one play, it could be chalked up to some anomaly in the
      play. But, as I said, this happened repeatedly in this game; and has
      happened often in other games (though, I admit, I failed to take note of it
      before, since I don't think it was as prevalent as it was in this one).

      The whole offensive picture is screwed up under our "OC in training". Too
      long to get plays in. Brady's unfamiliarity with the plays (as evidenced by
      the wrist band that some have mentioned). Poor route design that leaves guys
      short of 1st downs on 3rd or 4th down plays. Failure to get either Moss or
      Welker free as often as they should be. Horrible play calling in critical
      situations. (Where is BB's famous "situational football" in our play
      calling?!) We have practically abandoned screen passes, and flare passes, to
      RBs. TEs are woefully under-utilized.

      Our offensive game plans, play design, and play calling SUCK. It is time for
      BB to close the "Belichick Coaching Academy", and hire EXPERIENCED,
      SUCCESSFUL Coordinators for BOTH the offense and the defense. Face it, the
      Patriots have not been Super Bowl Champions since the "Three Amigos" split
      up. The experience of Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis brought a lot to our
      team. If nothing else, it allowed Belichick to focus on the "big picture",
      as a HC should, rather than spreading himself too thin, and micro managing
      along the sidelines in every single game. Think about it. Does it ever
      appear that he is leaving decisions and "coaching" to his "BCA" assistants?
      One man can't run an NFL team by himself, assisted by a bunch of trainees.


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      To be fair Brady would have hit on a few long pass attempts but blatant PI
      cancelled them out. The one that comes to mind most was at the end of the
      2nd quarter to Ben Watson on the goal line. I didn't even need to see the
      close up replay to notice the defender never turned his head and put his arm
      so far into Watson's face that he made contact with the facemask. I think
      that maybe eight guys tops missed that offense and they happened to all be
      wearing black and white stripes. Now I'm not saying that cost us the game,
      our porous offensive line, the questionable offensive plays like our
      receivers being 5 yds short of the first down marker on 3rd and long, and
      our seemingly out to lunch defense cost us the game. Just let's be fair,
      Brady really only missed on maybe two long attempts, a lot of PI was
      committed in this game and we got away with a few too, the difference was
      our defense left guys wide open and their defense did not. That's not
      Brady's fault. His misses on short attempts now that's another story, why
      is he struggling on the short attempts? We've got a slew of good receivers,
      I think we have an offensive scheming problem and that's a coaching issue.

      We got out played and out coached, I'm only interested in Miami from here on



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      Time management is a problem. Also, was it just me ... or did it seem that
      Brees was just nailing every single long pass, and Brady couldn't hit one
      for the life of him. I know the Pats have hit on a couple of long balls
      this year, but I think there have been way too many missed.



      From: RandyZ. Pierce <alaric02@...>
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      NO doubt the exaggeration here is too severe for me but I agree that the
      offense is far too out of synch. Where is our vaunted two minute offense
      which let's Brady manage the defense ahead of him, the play call and the
      time management to keep the defense off base. Drew was more Brady-like than
      Brady not just n the execution but in the management. Much of that is a
      sign of the offensive discomfort with the system.

      Go Pats!
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      > The Patriots have made just about every defense they've played against
      > like the '85 Bears this season. I've really had it with the Bill O'Brien
      > experiment!
      > George


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    • RandyZ. Pierce
      I m in complete agreement in the frustration of running a three yard route when the play needs 5 for a first down. I assume that some of these routes are not
      Message 2 of 6 , Dec 2, 2009
        I'm in complete agreement in the frustration of running a three yard route when the play needs 5 for a first down. I
        assume that some of these routes are not designed for distance but for defensive reaction which only intensifies the
        frustration. Run a route which is geared to distance when distance is what you most need. The exception to this is
        the WR screen and quick passes which are based upon needing some YAC but I'd caveat that these aren't ideal plays for
        needed distance - particularly when defenses are prepped for such.

        We actually did run the screen passes to the back a fair bit more Monday George and had mixed success on them. Of
        course we had one run against us for the Saints first touchdown and Burgess totally misplayed it to give up the 18 yard

        In regards to the coordinators, I disagree with you here. The last Superbowl we won was under Weiss and Crennell for
        certain though in 2007 we were clearly still playing Championship level football. The trouble isn't entirely we
        haven't found successful coordinators as Mangini (washes mouth out with soap) and McDaniels were both good at their job
        as well. We've just transitioned a little too frequently for the stability which best helps a program be successful.
        I agree that O'Brien isn't the right candidate based on this year's performances but I also agree that a quality
        coordinator usually wants their own system and prior to this year I'd have been hesitant to overly disrupt the system
        with which Brady, Moss and Welker had so much comfort. I really believe the lack of a quality third receiver and
        severe offensive line troubles are bothering this system nearly as much as the poor coordinator work.

        Two years ago we brought in Dom Capers (a legitimate coordinator) who was useless in getting better defensive play out
        of the unit and he was also quickly out the door for a better job.

        I do think BB takes too much on his shoulders and I do think we need to bring in a few more coaches in the off-season
        with at least one serious consideration for a better OC candidate. I also think BB saw enough in these guys to think
        they can win with them and I hope he really calls out all the coaches this week to up their game considerably for the
        stretch run.

        Go Pats!
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