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  • Ed Bryant
    Well, the 2001 Patriots looked rather 6-5 after a convincing win over the Saints as they bounced back from giving up 401 yards passing to the St. Louis
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2009
      Well, the 2001 Patriots looked rather 6-5 after a convincing win over the Saints as they bounced back from giving up 401 yards passing to the St. Louis Rams...........in Foxboro!

      Antowain hangs onto the ball, and NE goes up another TD, but because there was a body between his knee and the ground, it was a fumble.  Several throws to Ricky Proehl later, the Rams got OUR TD down at the other end. 

      The 2001 Patriots didn't lose again, but needed three turnovers against the Rams to win the SB.  Remember how you felt when Tebucky ran free to score the clincher in SB 36?  I'm with you: it's always darkest the nights there's no moon!!!!!

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      Ok, while I don't know if it is just me or not but I did see some positive things last night.  However, there was a lot of negative to go along with that. 
      Positives first:
      Maroney ran hard... really hard, first time all year I have seen him pushing piles, running people over and just plan fired up.

      Faulk was very fired up!  He wanted the ball more I think. 
      Brady and Aiken combo.  Both seem to be getting comfortable with Aiken as the 3rd option. 
      Matt Light, while I am not sure he would have gotten his job back if there was not an injury I thought he played better than he has in a long time.  Now the rest of the O line, not sure I can say that about.  I think there needs to be some shifting around on that line.
      The O was just confused or something.  Plays just did not come in fast enough.  Out of sync.
      The D... well, just confused.  I get the feeling that they have been given more and more freedom to learn more of the system and just did not get it right?  I don't know what else it could be?  They just looked confused a lot.
      Moss... was it just me or did he just not seem to be into the game, not as sure handed or something?  Just looked off.... yes, the Saints covered him well.  But I just saw something
      Welker, frustrated.. . plan and simple... was roughed up, held and pushed around
      I think we should have used more TE pass plays or something.  Brady did have a few miss throws while Brees was so on that I don't care who they played they would have won or at the very least put up a ton of points... and to have beaten them last night you needed to keep putting on the points as well.
      I have a million other thoughts on the game... where the Patriots stand at this point of the year, how this lose will impact the team, etc...
      Anyone remember what the team looked like the few years we just happened to win it all... and not the year we won all but the one that mattered????
      Just my thoughts...

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