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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Good post Steve. We certainly got plenty of answers exactly as you suggest and without any question from me there has to be sigificant coaching/preparation
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1 7:16 AM
      Good post Steve. We certainly got plenty of answers exactly as you suggest and without any question from me there has
      to be sigificant coaching/preparation adjustments if this team is going to answer the questions about post season

      Our defensive communication was horrific and some significant part of that is upon the players for which I heard Mayo
      take a deserved hit in managing. Some part of it is the schemes which they are given, some part is obviously the
      tremendous quality of the offense they face and to me the most telling is upon the coaches to communicate with them a
      base functinal scheme from which to work. I think the corner blitz wasn't a very wise idea but perhaps I could
      understand the intent of trying something a little different to impact Brees performance. It failed all of the times
      they ran it but yet the call kept coming. I don't mean just the miscommunication fail of DB and safety/linebacker but
      full out the corners weren't near Brees on these reads.

      Our offensive communication system was even worse with the play arriving late and forcing us to adjust, read and react
      all within very short time windows and a hostile environment. The Saints defense definitely rose to the occasion and
      played well above their heads but we helped them with an execution which was impacted by the role of the coaching in
      getting plays to them. I really cannot stress enough how much I agree with Bama that the Brady wrist band play reading
      is to his detriment and by it's very existence implies a discomfort with the offense.

      From Colts to Jets to Saints was an enormous preparation burden for this team and a lot of emotion. They took 17
      injured players through a week of reportedly bad practice and what a surprise you cannot practice well with half your
      team not clear on who is and is not playing. This team has a short week to then travel to a division rival in a place
      they don't historically play well. There's a lot of pressure and there's still a lot to see and learn from this team
      as they figure ways to manage it and become the team (coaches and players) we need preparing for big games - games
      which mostly won't be big until after the regular season if we can earn our way there.

      So to your question, do I expect us to be a Championship quality Super bowl contender? Honestly I don't expect it -
      I'm hopeful and not even just the blind optimism of hope. I'm not confident and expecting it though I can see how they
      can get there and I can see that an embarrassment like this game can possibly give the shake up needed to start towards
      that goal in earnest.

      Bellichick sat the starters, conceded the game with five minutes left. That decision is very telling to me. There's
      a message he sent and I expect a ripple message or two to come out this week. Bellichick is as much invested in blame
      as anyone in the present state of this team and I think he now is going to face a coaching challenge commensurate with
      his impressive ability. We are now the deserved underdogs we claimed as inspiration for years and making a
      championship out of this team will be a challenge for the organization and, I hope, a fantastic bit of fun for we fans!

      Go Pats!
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