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RE: This weekend's game Re: [patriotzip] Re: The Patriots are not playing this weekend

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  • George
    I m not only happy that the Patriots have a bye this week. I m happy that Daylight Savings Time is ending. Ed can obviously use the extra hour of sleep! George
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 31, 2009
      I'm not only happy that the Patriots have a bye this week. I'm happy that Daylight Savings Time is ending. Ed can obviously use the extra hour of sleep!



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      I find it really sweet that you can propose a league-wide bye week.

      I don't bet on football, nor do I play fantasy football, and I won't, because I want to watch the game on the field. ( Homer Simpson once told Maggie: "that's Daddy's favorite team.  He wants them to lose by fewer than six points!"  I don't want to be watching New England attempt a comeback against the Bills and have to yell at Brady: "No, you idiot, not Watson! Throw it to Moss, you crippled retard!"

      But the reason the league will NEVER schedule a bye week is the same reason the league insists on letting Vegas know several days in advance who has a bad knee or sore shoulder: the league founding by bookies has always owed a chunk of its prosperity to the interest generated by gambling.  

      Now, remember, when the NE Patriots won SB 36, it made them the very best of all 31 teams, which meant every team had to have a bye week, because otherwise, they'd have had to pay Jim Boeheim to find them a cupcake to schedule the week the rest of the NFL was unavailable.   And there are still some people who own teams who would accept their 1/32 of the booty should the league expand to 33 teams, say by giving London or Los Angeles an expansion team.

      And so, if god can promise me for eternity a 32 team league playing a 16 game schedule, I will take that deal, and give up betting the Over for a week, which, since I don't any way, will be a sacrifice I'll gladly make, and if god says "hell, no" to an 18 game schedule, I'll insist he share the credit with George.  I know guys can get hurt on every single play, and I know plenty of players would agree to the extra money if that was how the league went from 4 and 16 to say 2 and 18, but at least now, the guys who've been in the league for a year or five take 20% to 60% less of a beating in August than they do from September to January, and long-term, when they're my age and trying to walk or remember their names, every little bit counts.

      Now, during this bye week, does anyone have  a good link to whether that bubble wrap stuff could be incorporated into the helmet to lessen the impact of helmet hits???

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      Subject: RE: This weekend's game Re: [patriotzip] Re: The Patriots are not playing this weekend
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      Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009, 12:29 AM


      We are very fortunate to get the bye week at this particular place in our schedule. A week to heal some bumps and bruises (and worse) in near mid-season is a definite plus over having a bye in Week 4 or 5. I have always felt the the "staggered" bye week policy is unfair, within a given season. The teams getting it later, closer to the playoffs, get a clear advantage, IMO, over those getting it early. (As an avid Fantasy Football player, I also hate this process for that reason. It really screws with your roster changes, requiring some careful moves to try to weave through the land mines of bye weeks for your best players.)
      I don't understand why the NFL doesn't feel that they could come up with some outstanding programming to fill a "common" bye week. This would be the one I'd suggest - the first weekend in November. It is, after all, the weekend when they compete with the World Series. (This old school baseball fan can't believe that there's no more "Mr October". Baseball in snow, and temperatures in the 40's or lower. Nice.)
      As for our team, the BB plan is always to do the "self analysis" for much of the bye week. There isn't time for a thorough review of our own play in the one week span between most games; although, of course, there is always review of the last game film, and teaching points to be gained from that. This week long review adds the ability to look for, and eliminate, negative tendencies or "tip offs"; as well as study the progress of players through the first 7 games. Who's getting better? Who's slipping back? Why? What did we do that worked well, and should, perhaps, be done more often? What have we been doing that rarely works, and should, perhaps, be dropped from the playbook?
      I fully expect the Patriots to come out of the bye week a much stronger team, in every way. BB is certainly famous for his ability to analyze and plan, when given extra time. This particular season, with Mayo now healthy, and Guyton and the amazing McGowan more experienced; I'll be very surprised if the Dolphins have much success with the Wildcat formation. I am a little concerned about Warren, since, as usual, we have no information on the status of the injury he suffered in London. But it does seem that A. Thomas has received a wake up call, and should be more of a factor on that side.)
      As for this week, I share your thoughts, Randy. The first game here (which now begins at 1 AM, rather than midnight, thanks to the ending of Daylight Savings Time) will be the media favorite - Farvings ... I mean, Vikings ... at Green Bay. But I'll try to watch the Dolphins - Jets game on my laptop, if my internet signal holds up. An upset by the Dolphins wouldn't shock me, and would be the preferred outcome. The other games that I'll be checking on the scoreboard are the 49ers - Colts (which has little hope for an upset, IMO), and the Broncos - Ravens, which is really tough to call. Could be a great game that I may switch to now on then on the internet.
      It should be a fun weekend of football, without the usual accompanying tension and soaring blood pressure of Patriots games! :-)



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      Subject: This weekend's game Re: [patriotzip] Re: The Patriots are not playing this weekend


      I might be in the minority and it usually isn't this way for me but...I'm glad to have the bye. I love that we
      finished a couple of easier opponents with a clear and definitive break that let's us really focus and prepare for a
      very telling month of November. I don't like that Tom got the Offensive Player of the Month for a few reasons but
      ultimately this week off I can watch a few of our opponents ahead and think about our resting, healing and getting
      ready to start the second 'half' of the season.

      I'm going to enjoy either team losing in the Jets-Miami game and take comfort that we control our destiny at this point
      which is what I always hope exists for us every game we ever play. THat way we get what we deserve each and every
      time. Rooting for teams to lose to help us is often an excercise in futility. Neither Joey Porter nor Rex Ryan can be
      disappointed enough in the results of their game so I'll hope it's quality fun football which makes it clear to the
      Patriots they need to earn their wins against each of these teams.

      Now Indy and Denver losing will potentially help us down the road so I might have a little extra hope there but
      ultimately it's a relaxing weekend with low investment for me emotionally in any of the results.

      Go Pats!

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