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RE: [patriotzip] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bucs)

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  • George
    I had the feeling that the trickery early in the game was intentionally run to put something on film for Miami to worry about. You forgot that KC and Detroit
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      I had the feeling that the "trickery" early in the game was intentionally run to put something on film for Miami to worry about.
      You forgot that KC and Detroit belong among those "Ugly" teams also.



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      The Good
      - I'm watching the first series and see Merriweather playing off the WR on 3rd and 4. I say "he's baiting the QB into the throw" and will pick this off. Sure enough, at the snap he slowly moves forward and breaks on the ball as soon as the QB makes his motion. 30 yards later and I am right. Overall, Merriweater' s hands have improved dramatically. He has become a very good player.
      - Our screen game is really good to the WRs. They all seem to time their blocks very well and the OL can get out there to make plays down the field. Everyone who catches the ball has the ability to make the 1st guy miss, which is all that they need.
      - Nice to see Tate get a touch or 2. He looked really fast on the end around. He was on the field quite a bit.
      - Is there a more appropriate sponsor for bull riding than PBR? I don't think so.
      - Chung got some early playing time. Nice to see him get some live action.
      - When I want ketchup on my dog, I just call my dog. Thanks Dawg.
      - I like the fact that the refs got together and discussed the holding and delay of game penalties and got the call right. They gave BB the option of a 10 yard penalty and repeat the down or a 5 yard penalty with a loss of down. Both calls were correct and only 1 could be enforced.
      - Is it cheating to run a slant and use the umpire as a pick? I didn't think so.
      - Maroney played well again. He didn't dance much but instead waited for the hole to develop. When it didn't, he lowered his head and took the D for a ride.
      - Aiken has plenty of speed. I think he can actually be our 3rd WR.
      - The Watson seam route is classic Brady. He knows his player is going to get open so he just looks the safety off and throws it up. Great play call and great execution on both ends.
      - Saw a sign for York, ME, Hanover, NH and Lincoln, VT. Nice to see New England represented across the pond.
      - Our 4th quarter drive is the type of drive that just demoralizes a team and puts the game away.
      - Faulk got his 2 catches which gives him 400 for the career.
      - The Pats scored 80 unanswered points before the pass to Bryant.

      The Bad
      - Brady's throw to Moss that was picked in the EZ was a terrible decision. Moss was covered well with a safety helping. Brady was on the move and trying to hit a 1 in a million throw. He had a huge lane that he could have run for at least 10 yards. Poor choice. I think his other pick was supposed to be thrown away but he under threw the covered Aiken and it was picked.
      - Both Moss and Warren get hurt just before they are going to come out of the game anyway. Moss didn't look too bad and probably could have played if we needed him to. Warren getting carted off is not good. At least we have 2 weeks to heal.
      - Was Mankins playing the same snap count as everyone else? 3 false starts?
      - Our O really didn't look good at times. The opening drive was very slow and it didn't look like anyone was really fired up. I can understand with the talent of the opponent and the different city but when there are only 16 that determine a season...

      The Ugly
      - The playbook page with the fake end around to Welker, fake screen to the RB and then screen to Welker play has to get shredded. It just took too damn long to happen and everyone was covered.
      - Penalties on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 will be killer against better teams. When you convert on a fake punt but it's called back for a penalty, that's bad. We need to clean up the false starts.
      - I am tempted to put this under good but the Dolphins collapse against NO was just plain ugly. The NO O is for real.
      - Oakland, St Louis, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Carolina, Tennessee.


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