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  • Monty Rodrigues
    He was fortunate enough to not meet me, so there was no sad story. :) ________________________________ From: Laureen Mazalewski Modder
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      He was fortunate enough to not meet me, so there was no sad story. :)

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      I was absolutely right there with you.  Just waiting for the other shoe to drop...

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      This was indeed a fantastic way to spend an anniversary. It sounds like you had fun. I envy you.

      On a side note, was it just me or did everyone else who read this just wait for something bad to happen. I was waiting for "they lost our reservation" or "our tickets were scalped". I am so glad it was a happy story, not a sad one.


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      > So I just wanted to share my trip with you all. About a month before the game my wife and I wanted to do something for our one year anniversary. Being the good husband that I am I suggested a trip to the stadium to watch a game. Honestly thinking that I would get some type of look that would burn a hole right into me! Much to my surprise my wife thought that this was a great idea.... we could spend the weekend up in that area (which would include a downtown trip to Boston for some shopping for her)
      > So with it said... time to plan. We decided to stay at Patriot Place in the hotel. Thinking that this would make our life a little easier on Sunday morning, eliminating the traffic into the stadium. I hit up Stubhub.com to find myself some tickets! This being my first time to a game (as I have lived all over the place and never seem to be able to get to New England) I wanted to get some nice tickets. Club box seats here I come!!!!
      > Tickets purchased, hotel booked, trip to Boston Saturday morning planned and dinner at Davio's at Patriot Place set!
      > I did not mind driving and the 5 to 6 hour drive from center city Philadelphia was not a bad trip. We got in Foxboro around 7pm Friday night. We checked into the hotel and got some room service as we planned to just relax and get some sleep. The hotel is great, clean, comfortable and the staff is more than happy to help you with anything you need. In fact they are overly nice! I have only been to one hotel in my life that has treated me better and that was on my honeymoon! It really is great to have a hotel like that right there at the stadium!
      > Saturday morning and off to Boston... have to make my wife happy. Spent much of the day there and headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner. Dinner at Davio's was great. If you have not had the pleasure, I highly recommend it. We have one here in Philly and it is just as good! Food is great, service is on par with what you would expect from a nice restaurant, just a great place to eat.
      > Sunday morning... FINALLY! I was excited... I really did not get much sleep! Threw on the jersey and went for breakfast! The weather was not the best, however, what did I care? I was there to see the game! Walking to the stadium I figured it would be a good idea to get myself a poncho and I was right. It just seemed to mist/rain off an on the entire game. But I was dry thanks to the poncho!
      > We walk to the stadium and seeing as though I was not familiar with it I was not sure where to go in order to get into the club box seats. Finally found were we where supposed to be and all I can say is WOW. What a great way to start out seeing the Patriots live! The club box is really nice, lots of food, beer, you name it. They had some of the old Patriots players there signing autographs and the cheerleaders came up around halftime. It was a fantastic way to be part of the game.
      > As for the game itself. What can I say, they won! We all know that by now. But what really got my interests was the fact that during the TV timeouts the team would be out on the field (mostly the defense) pumping the crowd up! That was great to see! My wife loved that they were dancing around and getting the crowd into the game!
      > All in all, it was a great time and I really plan on doing it again. Hopefully this year!!!!!

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