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Re: [patriotzip] How Long Will It Take?

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  • Steve Basile
    I¹ll echo surprise and pleasure in how well our defense (that has lost some stars to trades and injuries) has looked, and I¹d have to add some joy in how bad
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 28, 2009
      Re: [patriotzip] How Long Will It Take? I’ll echo surprise and pleasure in how well our defense (that has lost some stars to trades and injuries) has looked, and I’d have to add some joy in how bad the Dolphins look, and the fact that Buffalo was trounced yesterday as well.  2nd in the East for now at least.

      We may have to bide our time as Tom works his way back into typical “Brady 10th gear,” and as our receivers learn what their hands are for, but at least we have something worth waiting for, and a reasonable expectation it will happen soon.  Imagine living in Detroit?  Or Cleveland?  Or Miami?  Or Oakland?  Or Tampa?  Aiyee!

      Counting my blessings,


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      I certainly agree with your closing statement. I will also say that we have seen enough signs of improvement to remain confident that he will return to his former level of outstanding performance. I guess some of us, including me, had unreasonable expectations of a return to action without missing a beat. I can only try to imagine how difficult it is to play that position against the talent in the NFL!

      I felt that his show of passion yesterday may have been a sign that he's putting most of his "personal performance" concerns behind him, and getting his focus on the game back to what he needs for peak performance. Maybe I'm just reading something that isn't there, but I really did get that feeling. His animation on the sidelines was always a part of his best games; and we didn't see it for the first two and a half games. If that's now back, perhaps the "real" Tom Brady is also back.


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      It took Peyton six games last year from less time off and a far less severe injury.  Carston Palmer took a fiar bit of time as well.  I'm a little impatient as are many but the key is that he make progress, work hard and show signs.  He showed some signs yesterday and that's a good start.  The 21 yard pass to Mss on 4th and 3 was nearly perfect.

      I believe Tom Brady is worth waiting for...

      Go Pats!

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