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My 53 vs Reiss and Zolak

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  • Mark Morse
    My projection with comment is listed after Reiss 53 ver 4. After four preseason games, an updated projection at how the Patriots 53-man roster might look for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2009
      My projection with comment is listed after Reiss 53 ver 4.

      After four preseason games, an updated projection at how the Patriots' 53-man roster might look for the season-opener:

      Offense (26)
      My Projection (26)

      Quarterback (3): Brady, Walter, Hoyer

      Quick hit: Hoyer, a rookie free agent, looks like he’s earned himself a spot on the club with a strong performance against the Giants. (no changes)

      My Projection: (3): Concur - Brady, Walter or Trade, Hoyer – Walter may indeed be very good, but they might want to trade for another established QB (Feeley). Hoyer put on a show last night and will never get through waivers to the PS.

      Running back (5): Faulk, Taylor, Maroney, Green-Ellis, Morris
      Quick hit: Outside of one lost fumble, Green-Ellis has had an impressive preseason and looks faster than last year. (no changes)

      My Projection: (5) Concur - Been singing the praises of BJGE for weeks. He had a great game last night, even if it was against the scrubs. Morris could get cut because of his age, injury history, and the fact he doesn’t play Special Teams.

      Tight end (3): Baker, Thomas, Watson
      Quick hit: Watson’s knowledge of the system gives him the edge over Alex Smith for the third spot. (no changes)

      My Projection: (3) concur – Smith may have injury which could prevent a trade. Injury settlement? Watson played well last night, but why was he on the field with the 3 – 4 units?

      Receiver (6): Moss, Welker, Galloway, Lewis, Edelman, Aiken
      Quick hit: Rookie Terrence Nunn put his best foot forward; could he sneak on to the roster after Matthew Slater’s injury? (no changes)

      My Projection: (7) Cut Galloway and add Nunn and Ventrone - Galloway has shown me that he doesn’t get it, and his age is a big factor. Don’t think they can sneak Nunn through waivers for the PS. Nunn made a very nice one handed grab, can replace Slater on Kick Returns and is fast like Galloway, who doesn’t play ST. BB loves Ventrone because of his ST play and versatility (played as Dwight Freeney) on the Scout Team in last year’s practice. He replaces Slater (Nasty injury – I did the exact same thing and it took months to heal. He has actually torn every muscle in his forearm, and it will be weeks before he can extend his arm. Aiken showed he is more than a ST player last night.  

      Offensive line (9): Light, Mankins, Koppen, Neal, Kaczur, Vollmer, Ohrnberger, Wendell, O’Callaghan
      Quick hit: Looked like the Patriots might have been showcasing O’Callaghan. Matthew Slater’s injury opens another spot and in this scenario, it goes to O’Callaghan.(1 change)

      My Projection (8): Wendell has PS eligibility so I cut him. Ohrnberger played pretty well at OC last night (one shotgun snap off his butt and one holding call notwithstanding). Having Wendell and Connolly on the PS is insurance. O’Callagahan is the backup because of BB’s philosophy that you can make an OT into OG but not the other way around. Levoir is on PuP as insurance come week 7.

      Defense (24)

      My Projection (24)

      Defensive line (7): Warren, Wilfork, Seymour, Green, Brace, Pryor, Wright
      Quick hit: Second-year player Stephen Williams played with a high motor and caught the eye as an outside possibility for a spot. (no changes)
      My Projection: (7): Would they trade Ron Brace? Steven Williams, Titus Adams and Myron Pryor have all outplayed Brace. If you saw “Hard Knocks” Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp on HBO, you will see Brace get blown up by a Jason Shirley in the 2nd pre-season game. Shirley is trying to convert from DT to OG. He had only played O line for a week before the Patriots pre-season game. From top to bottom this has been the best group of D lineman the Patriots have ever had in camp. The one drawback is that they are all exactly the same – run stoppers. BTW if Shirley is cut by Cinci, I’m jumping all over that developmental player! Daryl Richards to PS.

      Hybrid defensive end/linebacker (2): Burgess, Banta-Cain
      Quick hit: Banta-Cain was one of the surprise stories of camp. (no changes)

      My Projection: (3) Burgess, Banta-Cain, Ninkovich – They are going more to the 4-3 because of their lack of depth in the ILB. Did you see Ninkovich against the Giants #1 offense last night. He was immense in stuffing the run and holding the edge. One play in particular caught my eye. He took on the Pro Bowl FB, held the point of attack, fought off the blocker and tackled Brandon Jacobs one on one for a two yard loss. IU could see Ninkovich as a 1st and 2nd down OLB in either 3-4 or 4-3 with Burgess coming in on 3rd down to rush the passer. Ninkovich also plays ST.

      Linebacker (6): Mayo, Thomas, Guyton, Woods, Alexander, Crable
      Quick hit: One of the thinnest areas on the roster, it’s no wonder Woods played deep into last night’s game. (no change)

      My Projection: (5) Cut Crable - he has done nothing, is hurt again and can’t make the team from tub. Not sure if he qualifies for PS. Lenon was horrible. Woods looked good rushing the passer albeit against the 3rd string.

      Cornerback (5): Springs, Bodden, Wilhite, Butler, Wheatley
      Quick hit: Springs hasn’t been much of a factor in preseason, so they’ll need him to hit the ground running Sept. 14 against Terrell Owens.(no changes)

      My Projection: (5) – Concur – Wheatley has been disappointing this pre-season. Seems to have lacked confidence.

      Safety (4): Meriweather, Sanders, Chung, McGowan
      Quick hit: Injury to Matthew Slater likely opens a spot that was geared toward special teams.(1 change)

      My Projection: (4) Concur

      Special Teams (3)

      My Projection (3)
      Specialists (3): Gostkowski (K), Hanson (P), Ingram (LS)
      Quick hit: Consistent performance across the board. (no changes)

      My Projection: (3) Concur

      Zolaks’ 53 Man Roster Projection

      Pretty obvious to me, not any major changes from last week to now.......thought Aiken and Green Ellis really solidified things for themselves. Watson in by skin of his teeth.

      Quarterbacks (3) Brady Hoyer Walter
      Runningbacks (5) Taylor Morris Faulk Maroney Green Ellis
      Receivers (5) Moss Welker Galloway Lewis Edelman
      Lineman (8) Light Koppen Mankins Neal Kaczur Vollmer Ohrnberger Yates

      Tight Ends (3) Baker, Thomas, Watson
      DL (7) Wilfork Warren Seymour Wright Pryor Brace Green
      Linebackers (8) Mayo Thomas Woods Alexander Burgess Crable Guyton Banta-Cain
      Cornerbacks (5) Springs Bodden Wheatley Butler Wilhite
      Safeties (4) Sanders Merriweather Chung McGowan
      Specialists (5) Gostkowski Hanson Ingram Ventrone

      PUP or Injured Reserve
      McKenzie Slater, Levoir, Tate

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