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RE: [patriotzip] Re: Bruschi to retire

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  • George
    As far as a replacement for Tedy s duties (nobody can replace Tedy s presence just yet), I think Mayo is that guy. He s inheriting the leadership role for the
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      As far as a replacement for Tedy's duties (nobody can replace Tedy's presence just yet), I think Mayo is that guy. He's inheriting the leadership role for the defense, and is clearly the most effective and versatile LB on the team. Guyton is already cemented into the lineup; so in terms of an actual replacement for the roster spot, it's probably Paris Lenon, whose ill-timed leap that opened the path to the end zone for Campbell last week was truly embarrassing. Looks like 3 new faces in the LB corps this season - Burgess, TBC, and Lenon. Hopefully, the additions of pass rush specialists Burgess and Banta-Cain, plus the increased blitzing opportunities for Mayo that seem to be coming, will give us the pass rush that we lacked last season.



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      I for one will miss watching Tedy's after-game comments almost as much as his during the game skills. In his first few seasons, I never saw a LB fill a hole faster or make more game-changing plays. Yes, there were LBs on his level, but Tedy had more heart than any of them, and his desire was unmatched. Who will fill these shoes? Guyton? Lenon? Or some pre-season cut from another team? The next few days will be very interesting, indeed.

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