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Re: Vick?

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Not surprisingly, I am asked this question a fair bit given my connection to the Mighty Quinn. Mostly I believe there is so little a chance of him coming here
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2009
      Not surprisingly, I am asked this question a fair bit given my connection to the Mighty Quinn.  Mostly I believe there is so little a chance of him coming here I wasn't predisposed to giving it a lot of thought.  I'm very appreciative of the Bob Kraft perspective on this as he statedon Serious Radio, which is simply that Tom Brady is (arguably perhaps) the best Quarterback in the league and as such we really want him on the field for every possible play at that position.  This doesn't leave any room for Vick.  For those who might evaluate Vick at another position, I'd suggest that we are pretty well managed at the receiver options as well.  It really isn't a likely scenario.
      All that said, Quinn was raised in the Puppies behind Bars program.  He was raised by two seperate people incarcerated at two different facilities and for very serious past crimes.  He was raised to be a very happy and well loved dog by people who were really just starting the road of their second chance.  I don't tend to believe leopard's change their spots too much without a significant enough occurence to shake them from a past path and I have no idea whether Vick is likely much different than the seemingly callous thug with a cruel bend.  There are crimes which show a cruel nature and crimes which show a careless, thoughtless nature.  The former I have a tougher time managing and the latter is more disappointing than devestating to me.
      Stalworth killed a man which is much worse n my mind than killing a dog.  He did it by thoughtless actions in part and bad circumstances (the guy crossing an intersate highway at 5:00 a.m. on foot).  It wasn't cruel and his actins immediately showcased care and concern as well as responsibility - albeit just too late.  Vick deliberately saw to the cruel torture and killing of many dogs all geared for his own entertainment and perhaps profit.  It's a sicker act than Stalworth's to me and I put him in a lower category as a result.
      What does this have to do with my Patriotic perspective?  I generally want to believe the guys on our team are quality people as well as quality players.  I'm not so naive as to believe this is entirely the case and I've seen enough first hand things through the years to know better directly.  I believe in an adage that says "I can't hear what you are saying because what you are doing is too loud."  As of yet Vick hasn't shown me much contrition or change and were he a Patriot I wouldn't personally give him my support while I'd still wish well for the Patriots.  I'd watch and listen to his choices and actions with the notion that change can come and he now has the potential to do a tremendous amount of good where he once went very much the other way.  I hope he isn't on this team but I'll remember second chance folk already made a major difference in my life with the work they did in raising the Mighty Quinn who is an absolutely amazing Guide *and* dog.
      Go Pats!
      & TmQ 
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      Sent: Saturday, August 01, 2009 9:09 PM
      Subject: Vick?

      I have been on vacation and am just now catching up on emails here. yes, I
      am usually a lurker - reading more than replying. but am wondering on
      everyone's take on the rumor - then falsified rumor that Vick had been at NE
      camp working out. and that we might be signing him.  I personally don't know
      how to feel on the subject as I watched him at VT and am in awe of his
      athleticism.  Course that does NOT make the man - so unless he has grown up
      and out of his "thug" lifestyle - I don't want him. 




      Again, may have been discussed- just have not come across it yet.



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