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RE: [patriotzip] Day One Opinion

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  • George
    So, wouldn t he be a better candidate to groom for replacing Light? Quick feet is certainly not a description we usually use for Light. George I realize this
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 26, 2009
      So, wouldn't he be a better candidate to groom for replacing Light? "Quick feet" is certainly not a description we usually use for Light.


      I realize this isn't going to last forever. I won't be playing football forever. But I think I've tried to ensure that when I stop playing football, the last helmet I'll be wearing is a Patriot helmet." - Tedy Bruschi



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      I concur with your assessment Zip.  I think Vollmer is more of a finesse blocker than Road Grader.   Hie has quick feet and great speed for someone of his size.  He excels at pass blocking but need to work on the run blocking.

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      I really think George correctly stated my perspective of the day 1 draft process.  There is a lot of attention being paid to the lack of a Vrabel replacement which hasn't impacted me nearly as strongly.  I don't believe Bellichick gambles when he doesn't need to gamble.  His willingness to part ways with Vrabel suggests to me he already has the solution he prefers or at least a very likely option.  I don't know whether it's comfort with the Redd or Crabel, belief in Taylor or Peppers or something else.  I do know that the Draft is a high gamble and so his lack of action here is something which doesn't surprise me.
      This Chung seems a much better player than the OL of yesterday's draft disasters.  I find Merriweather more of the Free Safety style player and Sanders closer to the Strong Safety.  I suspect Chung will be in the more pure Strong Safety mold but will challenge both of those guys to be at the top of their game as he develops.  He isn't a starter but young and talented and likely a big impact on the Special Teams.  I don't know the status of Tank Williams or Rodney Harrison but this move suggests to me that one of those two is not likely to be with the team this year.
      Brace is an upgrade over Mike Wright (at the inside anyhow) and I think will do exactly as George suggests.  It gives Vince some rrest potential on some plays, intensifies our goal line defense and also may add just a little security for the Wilfork negotiations ahead.  I did love Vince's words on the matter but actions are always preferable to words from my vantage.
      Butler is a quality Corner who really fits the scheme we use of having the corners keep the play in front of them.  I think he fits our system well and will develop slowly as Springs is a short term solution due to his age.  The kid really does strike me similarly to Assante but with more coachability.
      On the last pick I'm ok with a Road Grading Tackle project.  This draft was full of Tackle options though the position can quickly become overpaid in the draft.  I think Bru-gnat's lineman evaluations are worth some merit here.  I thought the guy was a little slow in most early reports but he came out and proved himself in various situations.  He's been developing steadily and will probably give Kaiczur a run for the position before the end of the year.  He might also become the 'blocking TE" in some situations as he has experience there and would add bulk to that formation.  Vrabel filled this role in the recent past and ultimately this youth move seems to have promise.  I don't worry about the Pats reachng - it's something they rarely do which means I believe they knew their background enough on this selection.  They make wrong picks as players don't always pan out but reaching isn't their typical failing.
      I'm enthused about Day Two in which some impressive talent remains to be found by the teams who are most thorough...
      Go Pats!

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