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Hey, Kids! Let's Start A Football League!

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  • George
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2009
      Clear Day


      This reminds me of one of those old Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney movies on the Turner Classic Mvies channel. (NO, I did NOT see them when they first screened in the 1940's!) Remember? The kids would have some sort of problem requiring more money than they had; and they'd decide to put on a show to raise money.

      The difference is that, while those shows put on by Judy and Mickey succeeded, this new league is doomed to failure.

      How in the world can you get anyone to pay attention to, let alone pay to watch, a league that is playing at the same time as the NFL; and which, by their own admission, is populated by players who were not good enough to make it onto an NFL roster? Where is the revenue going to come from to support this thing?

      Seems to me that the WFL, which just folded in Europe, had a better chance for survival. It was, after all, funded by the NFL, with direct connections to NFL front offices. It provided a useful "minor league" type of resource for the NFL. It played in front of fans who couldn't attend NFL games. And it played during the NFL's off-season, when there wasn't even access to NFL games on TV.

      Yet that league failed. How can this one succeed?


      I realize this isn't going to last forever. I won't be playing football forever. But I think I've tried to ensure that when I stop playing football, the last helmet I'll be wearing is a Patriot helmet." - Tedy Bruschi


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