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Too late for Bucs?

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  • Frank
    Michael Felger is reporting that the Tampa Bay Bucs had an offer in the works that would have sent a 1st and a 3rd to NE, in a three way deal with Denver,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
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      Michael Felger is reporting that the Tampa Bay Bucs had an offer in
      the works that would have sent a 1st and a 3rd to NE, in a three way
      deal with Denver, involving Jay Cutler. But, they were too late, as
      the paperwork for the NE/KC deal was already done. The following is
      from "The Bucs Report" blog, in the Tampa Tribune.

      Report: Bucs Tried To Work Deal For Cutler
      Posted February 28, 2009 by Roy Cummings
      Updated Feb 28, 2009 at 05:35 PM

      TAMPA – The Bucs have promised Luke McCown a chance to compete for
      their starting quarterback's job, but if their actions Saturday are an
      indication of their plans the competition could be over before it begins.

      Though it never materialized and a source with knowledge of the
      situation denied Tampa's role, the Bucs tried to fashion a three-way
      trade that would have brought Broncos starter Jay Cutler to Tampa,
      according to NFL.com.

      The deal may have fallen apart much sooner, but it reportedly
      disintegrated for good when the Patriots finalized a trade in which
      quarterback Matt Cassel was dealt to the Chiefs.

      The Cassel trade was actually part of a bigger deal that included the
      trade of Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City, but the Bucs
      reportedly tried to break it up with their own trade offer.

      The Bucs offer likely would have had a draft pick going to New England
      for Cassel and Cassel going to the Broncos for Cutler, who emerged
      last season as one the NFL's top young quarterbacks.

      The Detroit Lions, who later traded former starter Jon Kitna to the
      Dallas Cowboys, were also believed to be working a deal similar to the
      one the Bucs drafted.

      Bucs general manager Mark Dominik did not return requests for comment
      on the reports during a day when the Bucs biggest success was the
      re-signing of reserve safety Will Allen to a one-year contract.

      It was also a day in which it was becoming clear that Bucs may be
      looking to make their biggest impact through the trade market and not
      the free agent market.

      Coming a day after they dealt two draft picks to the Cleveland Browns
      for tight end Kellen Winslow, the trade report greatly overshadowed
      the news of Allen's signing and the first free agent visitor to Tampa Bay.

      That visitor was Raiders guard Cooper Carlisle, whom the Bucs
      entertained a few years ago. Though a starter for the Raiders,
      Carlisle would almost certainly join the Bucs in a reserve role.

      In fact, it seemed that most of the Bucs free agent targets were being
      sought in an effort to improve the team's depth, particularly at
      cornerback, where the Bucs stand a chance of losing starter Phillip

      Though a list of teams expressing interest in Buchanon has yet to
      materialize, the Bucs appeared to be preparing for the possibility of
      losing him by reaching out to reserves Jabari Greer, Jamar Fletcher
      and Daven Holly.

      The Bucs have also expressed interest in possibly signing Packers
      defensive tackle Colin Cole, who could be brought in as a replacement
      for Jovan Haye, should Haye find a deal elsewhere.

      The agents for safety Jermaine Phillips and wide receiver Michael
      Clayton, meanwhile, were attempting to get a feel for the market value
      for their clients, whose first priority is to return to Tampa Bay.
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