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Taylor and the Trade

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  • kmacalp@aol.com
    Maybe Taylor might have one more good year in him ala Corey Dillion 2004. Or maybe Taylor could be a short yardage specialist. What about the Cassel/Vrabel
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
      Maybe Taylor might have one more good year in him ala Corey Dillion 2004. Or maybe Taylor could be a short yardage specialist.
      What about the Cassel/Vrabel trade for a high 2nd rounder? A lot of commentators both pro-Patriot and anti-Patriot are going nuts. They saw Cassel alone as worthy of KC's number 3 in the entire draft. Seems to me it's a balanced trade for both teams. Pioli is more savvy than the Houston geniuses who gave up way too much for Schaub from Atlanta, ya know. He's getting a QB with all the physical tools and who now has some post high school experience and who was playing well after he got some experience. He's taking a risk too though. For some of the risks, see Derek Anderson. Great in 07, a flop in in 08. Even if KC installs an offense similar to the Patriots there will still be stuff to learn. How well will he handle it? Plus, Tony G. and that Bowe kid are nice weapons, but there's still a huge drop off from throwing to Moss and Welker among others. Plus, there's that offensive line, and virtually the whole Chiefs team will be learning a totally new system. So even if Cassel continues to improve personally, he's losing a ton of talent around him. From KC's view, a 2nd rounder that's only a couple of picks away from the first round makes more sense than the 3rd pick in the entire draft when you weigh the upside and risks against each other. Plus you get a veteran LB to help with all the young players the Chiefs have picked up, especially in last year's draft.
      From New England's perspective, we only had Cassel for one more year, and we only had Vrabel for one more year. At this point, you're not going to franchise Vrabel, and I think we agreed not to do it to Cassel again. So rather than give up insane draft compensation for Cassel followed by a huge contract, sensible teams could have opted to just sit out, and if no deal got made, they could simply get Cassel for the huge contract with nothing going to the Patriots. Maybe, some team would step up and sell the farm, gambling on Cassel. If they did so, it might come only after extended negotiations. The longer those talks dragged out, the weaker New England's position would have been. Meanwhile the Pats are cut off from a lot of  the free agent action due to a lack of cap space, and maybe it affects their draft plans with the draft being less than two months away. Now the cap space is cleared and we got a decent pick in return, giving us 4 picks in the first two rounds. And hey, did anyone pick up QB Damon Huard whom KC released and who has experience in New England's system? Anyway you look at it, we got something for a player we were going to lose for nothing. Anyone remember Asante Samuels? Big free agent signing last year. Alleged shut down corner. Wow! Lots of teams need that! What did we get in return for losing him? Remember we franchised him the year before. Teams simply waited. He played one last year for us, dropped what would have been a perfect season ending interception and then signed for big money with Philly. They just waited out that franchise year and then signed him. So, looking at it that way, the 2nd rounder is good, especially since we got it so quickly and with so little fuss. Less than a year ago, many Pats fans were ready to simply cut Cassel. Now we get something in return.
      Scott Sheaffer

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