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Re: Ebay tragedy

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  • Karen Cardoza
    ... From: Michael J.King Sr. To: Karen Cardoza ; patriots list ; ziplist
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 1, 2002
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      > At 10:31 AM 9/1/2002 -0400, Karen Cardoza wrote:
      > >OUCH! That's got to hurt....
      > >Come on.... any one of us that are season ticket holders would have no
      > >problem passing on our tix to friends, family members, co-workers,
      > >even my nosebleeds....) But because he wanted to go for the "big
      > >he hot burnt. Just think about it.... even if they didn't revoke them
      > >this point, he STILL took a risk with his coveted seats by selling them
      to a
      > >stranger.... He could have lost them anyway.
      > > I feel for the guy and hope
      > >that it all works out for him, but he gambled... and lost.
      > I agree that they screwed up but i think the Pats staff could have
      > handled it better. The security chief seems to have gone ballistic for no
      > good reason. He held all the cards but instead of taking the high road
      > tried to get a little rough. I would imagine now that the judge found
      > reason to not throw the complaint out that the Pats will somehow
      > if Mr Reis will drop the complaint. One of the Krafts should step up
      > and turn the incident into a PR coup. Then everyone wins. I mean the
      > tickets were never actually sold and that gives the Pats the wiggle room
      > make chicken salad instead of chicken sh*t!! Just my thoughts and
      > YMMV. Later.Mike

      Right, Mike...I agree. I totally disagree with Briggs' response and even
      the loss of the guys tix without a warning. My take home message with the
      whole thing is.... Don't risk your tickets by considering letting a
      stranger use them in the first place!

      Mrs. B.
      Strength, courage, and wisdom
      And it's been inside me all along....
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