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FW: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Steelers)

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  • George
    My comments inserted: Subject: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Steelers) The Good - Maybe this will kill the Trade Brady discussions that have been going on.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2008
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      My comments inserted:
      Subject: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Steelers)

      The Good
      - Maybe this will kill the "Trade Brady" discussions that have been going
      on. There is no way you trade the best QB in the league to keep someone who
      really isn't fully there yet. Cassel can't be completely blamed for the
      loss but 4 turnovers and 2 more that should have been don't help.
      - Our D actually played pretty well. Considering the number of times they
      were given the short field and how long they were actually on the field
      because of turnovers, holding for that many FGs is a success.
      - The J-E-T-S lost lost lost to the Bronocs. They are going no where in the
      playoffs as they are way to inconsistent. Just look at the game against us.
      They really didn't play all that well in the first 1/2 and totally sucked in
      the 2nd. They managed to win because we played a poor defensive game.
      - The games we have left are all completely winnable which means we have a
      very good shot at the post season. Even if we win out and Indy wins out as
      well, I don't think there is any shame in an 11 win season with all the
      injuries we have.

      ***** Couldn't agree more with your closing thought, Dave. Even if the Pats
      win just 10 games, I won't be ashamed of their effort this season. I'm
      obviously disappointed. But I don't think it's reasonable to denigrate the
      team, in view of these circumstances. I'm still hopeful for a miracle in
      this season; so, beyond the virtually certain loss of Cassel, and the
      obvious need to improve the secondary, I'm not ready to comment on next
      season just yet.

      - Mayo showed his speed by running down Holmes down the sideline. The kid
      has skills

      ***** It's only taken about 8 years, but BB finally hit with that R1 LB that
      I plead for in every Draft! :-) And, adding rookies Crable, Redd, and
      Guyton, gives us a group of very promissing kids at that position for a few
      years to come. Not to mention the adequate, and improving play of the still
      young Woods. The LB corps is about to turn over very well, I think.

      - Watson again shows that he never gives up on a play by running down the
      guy at the 1.

      ***** OK. So let's move him to LB. He sure as hell isn't succeeding as a TE!

      - Faulk continues to be a stud. He just does everything.
      - Troy Polamalu has to be my favorite non-Pats player in the league.

      ***** Another "what if" from my closet. I really wanted the Pats to draft
      him out of USC.

      The guy just is a football player.

      The Bad
      - Moss sucked. He dropped a couple of key passes that were big hits to the
      team's momentum. He should have had the TD but was thinking too much about
      the prior drop and jumped up too much to catch it, knocking it away from
      himself with his knee. Get back to basics and catch the ball with your
      hands (like you did when you snared the one over the middle).

      ***** It was a bad one for Randy. It's been a season of disappointment for
      him, as well as us; and I personally think that it has gotten to his spirit
      a bit. No excuses for a pro; but I'm sticking with him for next year, with
      an admonishment for his failure to step up more effectively this year.

      - Our 3rd down O was terrible. We couldn't complete anything, no matter
      what we tried.
      - We lost all momentum when we couldn't score at the end of the half.
      First the dropped TD and the missed FG. We put up the 3 and get the ball to
      start the 2nd half with a chance to go up 10.
      - Gaffney has his standard huge gainer but drops it ball. He is really
      getting on my nerves.

      ***** The "Gaff" man is a decent #4 WR. Unfortunately, he's our #3.

      - Light got man handled on a couple of plays causing free shots at Cassel.
      We either needed to give him help or design the protection to allow for the
      outside pass rush. He tried to push the rusher deep but Cassel never
      stepped up into the pocket.

      ***** Speaking of people who get on MY nerves! Light is good for at least
      one False Start, and one or two whiffs on speed rushers in every game. He is
      an adequate OLT. He's absolutely no better than that!

      - Our goal line O is way to predictable and way too passive. We can never
      win the one on one battles at the key time when we need that 1 yard or less.
      Maybe we need to try pitching it to the RB, allow him to work in space a
      little to find the crease and get the yard we need.
      Faulk could certainly do it.

      ***** We also need to get Morris (and Jordan, when he's ready) into the
      quick out passing game again. Those "long handoffs" on swing passes have the
      same affect you're looking for, and both of those guys can get it done on
      those plays.

      - 27 straight red zone possessions with a score is now over.
      - 34 straight red zone possessions allowing a score continues
      - A huge non PI call on Gaffney kills a drive and forces a punt early in the
      game. Should have put us in FG range at a minimum but the refs blew it.
      - Why aren't we blitzing on 3rd down? The one time we did, we got the stop
      by rushing the throw. Every other 3rd down situation, we sat back any
      allowed the completion.

      ***** Well, we aren't coaches, Dave. It's difficult to speak against BB and
      his staff with any degree of credibility. They obviously know a hell of a
      lot more about the game than I do. ... BUT, I can't help but believe that
      they are wrong in their apparent assumption that our secondary is SO inept
      that every opposing QB can get the ball out to a receiver before a 5 or 6
      man blitz can get to him. There was, if you noticed, one actual CB blitz
      against the Steelers. It resulted in a sack. We never did it again! I still
      do not like this defensive game plan; and nothing but a game that does it
      "my way", and gives up 400 yards, and 4 or 5 TDs in the passing game, will
      convince me otherwise. Come on, BB, prove that I'm wrong. I dare ya!

      The Ugly
      - The late hit on Welker was clearly a cheap shot by someone who was pissed
      about what happened last year. The ball was clearly not playable after
      being tipped and the DB took 2 steps before launching himself into Wes.
      It's nice to see Welker get up but it cost him the rest of the game and the
      streak of 6 catches per game.

      ***** There should be a major fine for that! I've seen nothing on it.
      Compare that to the fine dropped on Wilfork for being pushed into the QB!
      More "objective" ruling by that S.O.B., Goodell!

      - All 3 Thursday games. None were any good. Too bad they couldn't have
      been flexed out.
      - Ghost misses a gimme kick and I lose the fantasy week by 3. Sucks.

      ***** Yeah, but I'm still claiming the Chairmanship of the "Ghost Boosters"
      Fan Club!!

      - I really want to see what Slater can do on kick returns but every time he
      is back there, he fumbles. This causes BB not to trust him. He gets
      another shot and the same thing happens. He is fast and was dynamic in
      college. There is some sort of mental block going on.

      ***** Do you remember Kevin Faulk in his first couple of seasons returning
      Kickoffs and Punts? He scared the hell out of me! He seemed to be about
      50-50 to muff or fumble it. He's done OK since, I think. :-) I'm still
      expecting those blood lines in Slater to turn him into a solid player, if
      not better. I'm not throwing him under bus just yet. I hope that BB doesn't

      - 3 fumbles in 9 plays is pretty ugly.


      ***** George
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