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RE: [patriotzip] Troy Brown on Pats pass D

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  • George
    ***** From his mouth, to BB s ears, PLEASE!! George _____ From: patriotzip@yahoogroups.com [mailto:patriotzip@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Rich Carreiro Sent:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2008
      ***** From his mouth, to BB's ears, PLEASE!!


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      Subject: [patriotzip] Troy Brown on Pats pass D

      (I read Mike Felger's column so you don't have to...)

      Let's hear from Troy on this issue first, because I think he had a
      great take on Comcast Monday night:

      "For me just watching them, they're playing a little soft in the
      secondary," he said. "And if I'm Bill Belichick, I understand where
      he's coming from, `Let's bend but not break. Let's not get beat too
      quickly.' But if I'm a player, I'm standing there saying, `Bill,
      you're paying me to play cornerback for you. Let me get up here and
      challenge some of these guys. Let me take some of these guys on. I can
      stop these guys from making big plays against us.'

      "(That's) as a player. That's just me talking. Because I (would) take
      it as an insult that you don't trust me, that you don't think you can
      go out there and blitz these guys or put pressure on these guys, put
      some pressure on the Favres and the Chad Penningtons, and not give up
      400 yards passing. You don't trust me enough to go out there and do my
      job. It's an insult to me. That's what some of these guys (should) do,
      step up to the plate and say, `Bill, let me lock down somebody

      "You watch these games. They rush three guys, and it's almost
      impossible to get any pressure on the quarterback. ...If you rush five
      guys, then you're going to leave a couple of guys one-on-one out
      there, and these quarterbacks are doing a great job of finding (those
      matchups). Whatever it is, it isn't working. Maybe you just start
      blitzing six or seven guys and line up four guys across on the
      receivers and, hey, take a chance."

      Rich Carreiro rlcarr@rlcarr. com

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