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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Colts)

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  • Dave Levine
    The Good - Cassel played a very good game. He managed the team and put us in a position to win. Unfortunately, a couple of his team mates did not come
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2008
      The Good
      - Cassel played a very good game. He managed the team and put us in
      a position to win. Unfortunately, a couple of his team mates did not
      come through.
      - Faulk continues to be the do everything back.
      - BJGE shows some nice pop and a little wiggle in his running. I
      like his downhill style.
      - The much maligned OL played a whale of a game. They continuously
      opened holes for the RB and kept Cassel clean much of the game.
      - Our front 7 were stout against the run. Indy got nothing going on
      the ground.
      - Ghost continues to be money. Granted, he didn't have any difficult
      tries but he we perfect with what he had.
      - I liked the addition of the wildcat offence but the pass to Welker
      was way too close to the tackles. It needed be thrown much wider to
      get away from the masses inside.
      - I liked our O game plan. We methodically moved down the field.
      Quick short passes and a variety of run plays kept the Indy D off
      balance all game long. We had some huge drives that we just couldn't
      punch into the EZ.

      The Bad
      - I didn't think the refs did well at all. They missed a couple of
      blatant picks on Indy. They blew the clock management on the
      Harrison catch at the end of the half. The clock stopped when he was
      clearly in bounds. I saw a couple of blatant holds on Indy on our
      edge rushers that were never called. I'm sure we were holding too.
      They also missed a clear helmet to helmet hit on Cassel when he went
      into a slide.
      - Was it me or did Indy lead with their helmet on every single tackle.
      - We just couldn't catch a break all game. Vin hits his longest FG
      in 6 years. Merriweather lays 3 vicious hits on WRs but they all
      hold on to the ball. The 2nd TD hit the hand of the DB before being
      caught. A couple of tipped balls but we couldn't get the bounce to
      go our way. A key slip and a WR gets open for a 3rd down
      conversion. Sanders is hurt every year except during the Pats
      games. It looked like we got in on the 2 point conversion but I
      could see how it was a close call. If it goes the other way on the
      field, no way could Indy challenge. The same reason we didn't
      - Our back 4 or 5 didn't play well. We couldn't make any plays or
      come up with a stop when we needed. We let Indy march down the field
      all game long. Granted, we only gave up 16 points but we needed a
      stop here and there.
      - Gaffney's choke on a perfectly thrown ball by Cassel. He dropped a
      sure and easy TD that would have put a lot of pressure on Indy to
      score a TD. This was a huge changing point in the game.
      - BB's clock management. He burned a TO challenging a play that he
      had no business challenging. He then burned a TO on 4th and 1 when
      the QB sneak actually picked up the yardage needed for a first down.
      Instead of going for it, which I though we should do, we kick the FG
      and give the Colts life. Cassel burning the other TO hurt us but
      that is what they are there for.

      The Ugly
      - Waiting on the news of the release of David Thomas. His dumb ass
      penalty cost us the game. If he doesn't have a brain fart and hold
      his emotions, we are looking at 3rd and 1 in FG range. We would run
      twice, and, judging by the way we were moving the ball all game,
      would at least get the tying FG out of it. It looked like he was
      trying to protect Moss but it was a stupid time to do it.
      - Loved Evans knocking down the ref at the end of the half trying to
      get back into position during the hurry up. He honestly looked
      scared that the ref went down so easily.
      - Cincinnati wins. KC loses when they should have won.
      - Oakland. Anyone see the final stats of the game? 3 first downs, 1
      for 9 on 3rd down conversions, 77 total yards, 10 total yards
      passing, 7 penalties for 55 yards and a time of possession of 14:45.
      Wow, are they bad. Russel was 6 of 19 for 31 yards and a pick. A QB
      rating of 19.0.

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