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Re: Belichick bio?

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    I enjoyed THE EDUCATION OF A COACH. I thought it provided some good insights. I noticed some mistakes, but they didn t ruin the book. I wish there was an
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      I enjoyed THE EDUCATION OF A COACH. I thought it provided some good insights. I noticed some mistakes, but they didn't ruin the book. I wish there was an index though. 
      As far as errors in books these days, part of the problem is that book editing isn't what it once was. At most publishers, the days when editors line edited a book are long gone. They're expecting or hoping for a polished product to come in while some authors apparently still believe the editor will alert them to problems. Book editors spend so much time in meetings these days that they don't have time to carefully go through manuscripts looking for mistakes or places where the writer could tighten things up. In fact, editors often don't have time to go through the slush pile anymore looking for publishable work by new authors. Going through the slush pile is something they do in their spare time AFTER work. Believe it or not, books by established authors suffer the worst from lack of editing. An unknown writer is likely to get more scrutiny from a publisher than a writer whose books will sell simply because their name is on the cover. This means writers need to do more self-editing which is a big problem. Let's say you know grammar and spelling inside and out. You go over and over and over and over your book manuscript with a fine tooth comb, you're probably still going to miss some mistakes because after a certain point, your mind plays tricks on you. For instance, did you leave a few key words out of some sentences? In a hundred thousand word manuscript you might catch a few, but you will miss others and keep right on missing them. You know how the sentence is supposed to read, and sometimes your brain unconsciously supplies the missing words when you read through the manuscript.
      I disagree with Rachel on this one. I'd still recommend THE EDUCATION OF A COACH to anyone wanting to learn more about Bill Belichick's life and the people and events that shaped him. 
      Scott Sheaffer 

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