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Week 1 - KC Chiefs Game Review

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  • Billy Goodwin
    Hey all how is it going? I just got back from hot and sunny Gillette Stadium and I wanted to give my input and thoughts about the game. Although most of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2008
      Hey all how is it going? I just got back from hot and sunny
      Gillette Stadium and I wanted to give my input and thoughts about the
      game. Although most of you are really antsy and waiting for news on
      Brady's leg injury, I thought I would focus more on the game and then
      talk about the injury and possible effect it could have on the team
      moving forward.
      I thought that Josh McDaniel did an excellent job in running the
      offense after Cassel came into play. I felt he called the offense to
      where Cassel could just go in and manage the game. Don't get me wrong
      Cassel had some nice throws like that 51 yard catch and run to Moss
      and the pass in between two defenders to complete the pass to Gaffney
      or Welker but I feel the game plan focused on his strengths and
      recognizes his weaknesses to where it didn't hurt the Patriots
      chances to win the game. The running back tandem of Maroney and
      Morris really complemented each other enroot to 120+ yards on the
      ground and if Morris can stay healthy they will be an effective one
      two punch.
      The defense played great. 3 sacks and the interception which I felt
      the Patriots probably could have had a few more. Brodie Croyle
      constantly was looking at the wide receiver he was going to throw to
      and they did not take advantage of it. One thing I really like is the
      play of Jerod Mayo he was flying all over the field and constantly in
      on multiple plays. Secondary played good but I a little concerned
      about the height disadvantage that Ellis Hobbs faces on numerous
      occasions which we saw some when he was trying to cover Dwayne Bowe
      on the final drive of the game. This is KC so I don't think the
      defense was really tested facing an ineffective and sputtering
      Special teams I thought played just played bad to okay. Punting
      has got to get a little better and pin people down inside the 10 or
      20 yard line. I was disappointed in the punt return team and the
      kickoff team they played horrible.
      Now finally to the Brady injury. Being there it was a tough thing
      to watch as Brady got hit and thoughts racing thru your mind that ohh
      god the season is over and what are we going to do. I mean heck I was
      worried and still am but I feel better about the whole situation
      after seeing Cassel play today. In the preseason I am saying to
      myself why didn't they cut this loser but IN BILL WE TRUST is all I
      got to say to that. Seeing Brady walk off the field while putting
      weight on the leg has left me feeling optimistic about the situation.
      I would rather play it safe and if Brady needs till after the bye let
      him sit out. I mean I could see the Patriots going into the bye at 3 -
      0 with a tough game against the Jets and then on to Dolphins at
      home. They could pull off some wins with some great defense and good
      play calling like we saw today. Hopefully it is not serious but they
      could hang tough we would be okay with results.

      Billy Goodwin
      GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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