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Zip's Week 1 Preview - Pats vs Chefs

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    New season and a new time to preview things on my web page which can be found at: http://patriotzip.com/ or directly at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2008
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      New season and a new time to preview things on my web page which can be found at:
      or directly at:
      The Intro teaser:

      Great Googely-Moogely! Never mind ‘who are the Chefs?” As the Kick-off the Regular Season begin we should probably examine who are the Patriots. Are they the team decimated in last season’s final game by a shocking performance and a stunning loss? Are they the team who went 0-4 in the playoffs? How serious are the injuries? How porous is the offensive line? How porous is the Defense which allowed opening scoring drives in all pre-season games? Are they one step older in the Veteran side and two steps behind in youth movement experience? Is Tom Terrific too hobbled to be effective and of course how big a role will Hurricane Hannah play in 2008’s inaugural Patriot game?

      New seasons begin with more questions than certainties, especially in the NFL (Not for Long) league of short memories. Those of you nervous about what you’ve seen recently certainly have some valid observations and the fandom feeling does involve more question than hope and expectation. This is a team which for most of a decade has been dominant in large part to providing the best schemes and a talented blend of skill, intelligence and effort. These things are unlikely to be absent when the whistle allows the season to commence at 1:00 in Foxboro. That is the point for which all their focus is leading them through this off-season and that is when true measurement may begin. That said, here is a quick examination of what we know.


      The rest is my always overly long for some evaluation of the game ahead.  I'll save it for those who find it too long but it's there to be read at your leisure.


      Go Pats!


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