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Mrs B's Training Camp Report 07/31/08 AM

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  • Karen Cardoza
    Hi Kids, Sorry it s late but I just got back from lunch with my boys and it s almost time for me to head back out. Unfortunately I have a bunch of numbers
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      Hi Kids,

      Sorry it's late but I just got back from lunch with my boys and it's almost time for me to head back out. Unfortunately I have a bunch of numbers scribbled on a piece of paper and barely remember what they were for...hehe.  This morning's muggy session was in full pads and there's another one later this afternoon from 4:00-5:15.

      • Today was the Rookie Slip & Slide day in which the newbies were soaked with a hose while sliding along the wet grass chasing footballs. Tedy manned the hose and the other vets manned the balls.  I didn't catch any creative hair cuts today though, which usually coincide with the mud bath day.
      • Brady was back after his rest day yesterday, racing his coach (trainer? ball boy?) over to midfield after the stretch period.
      • It was a split day during blitz pick-up drills pitting LBs vs. FB/RBs with offense and defense sharing the battle victories.
      • They were doing some heaving hitting on the goal line today.
      • Single lap takers for today were Gutierrez and Titus Adams (who?) then Brady and Hochstein took one together for a botched snap.
      • During full squad work, Cassell went deep to CJ Jones and Bryant broke it up nicely along the sidelines.
      • During Red Zone work Maroney saw lots of action and Moss nearly ended up  hitting the goal post as he flew into the endzone flanked by defenders. Morris scored a  TD right after as well.
      • Mayo was working the middle again today with Alexander and Hobson. Tedy and Tank worked together.
      • Slater had some nice returns today during practice and each day after practice, Sealy works with Slater on catching kicks. He usually starts with a ball in one hand, catches the kicked ball in the other hand, then tosses one in the air to catch that one too. It's a mixed bag in terms of his consistency but he does keep practicing every day.
      • Overall, it struck me as a fast paced, heavy hitting practice during full squad work. Sorry I don't remember many details as quite a few hours have passed and I'm getting the sessions confused in my mind.

      I expect a walkthrough later tonight (just a guess) due to the shortened time frame of the session and also because players are off tomorrow.

      The Pats have released additional practice dates (thankfully!)

      Closed Friday and Saturday (but I'll be at Springsteen)

      Sunday:  8/3 2:30-4:30

      Monday  8/4 9:00-10:30 & In-stadium Season Ticket Holders practice 6:30-8:30

      Mrs. B (Karen)

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