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  • kevin M
    IMO you have to trust our staff. A couple of the picks seemed unusual but only time will tell the reasons why this particular group of players was selected.
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 30, 2008
      IMO you have to trust our staff. A couple of the picks seemed
      unusual but only time will tell the reasons why this particular group
      of players was selected. As fans, we have limited information, and
      rightly so. It is a need-to-know situation when seeking leverage
      against your opponents. Only those deemed to actually NEED the info
      will get it from BB. Everybody else must gleen what they can from
      rumors & inuendo. Bottom line is, Wait and see.

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, kmacalp@... wrote:
      > <Frank> All depends upon one's criteria. What works in our system
      may not be
      > what the "experts" consider to be "best available.
      > <Scott> Football intelligence, leadership, and film study habits
      seem to be
      > part of the Patriots' criteria. Here are some of the comments about
      Mayo from
      > his draft page at _http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/jerod-mayo?
      > (http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/jerod-mayo?id=776)
      > "Mayo is a student of the game, spending hours working on his
      skills after
      > practice and watching game film. He also has a natural feel for
      the game to
      > put him right in position to make the play."
      > "Smart athlete who calls defensive signals"
      > Here are some comments about CB Terrence Wheatley from
      > _http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/terrence-wheatley?id=328_
      > (http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/terrence-wheatley?id=328) :
      > "Has a keen understanding of the playbook, but will still spend
      > dissecting plays to discover ways to improve his technique..."
      > "Hard worker in the training room who also puts in extra hours
      studying game
      > films..."
      > "Dependable field leader who will spend extra time mentoring the
      > players (has a bit of Troy Vincent in him, as he tries to
      understand the
      > assignments of every position)...Could possibly make a good
      coaching candidate one
      > day due to his grasp of the playbook..."
      > By comparison, Wilhite, the corner we took in the 4th round, is a
      bit bigger
      > but appears weaker in those areas than Wheatley. Also, I'm not
      sure where I
      > read it, but I'm pretty sure I heard that Wheatley was calling his
      > defenses at one point even though he played corner instead of a
      middle position
      > like safety. The Pats seem to put a higher value on the mental
      aspects of the
      > game than others do. That might have made Mayo a better prospect
      than say
      > Rivers for them.
      > I'm really enthused about Shawn Crable, the linebacker we took in
      the 3rd.
      > He possesses tremendous athleticism. Many of his negatives relate
      to his
      > weight and tendency to get his pads too high at times. At 6'5 and
      a half, he only
      > weighs 243 pounds. However, many observers feel he can bulk up to
      260 without
      > losing any of his speed and agility. Some people believe that
      > antiquated strength and conditioning program has a lot to do with
      > current lack of bulk. If Crable can add quality bulk, we will have
      > gotten all the physicality we coveted in Gholston. The difference
      is that we'd
      > have it in a guy with a full time motor and who already knows how
      to play
      > outside linebacker.
      > Scott Sheaffer
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