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Re: Happy to be here...

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  • Frank
    An excellent question, George; one that was on my mind all season as well. With all the talk of Stallworth s talents, for example, I was surprised that he was
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2008
      An excellent question, George; one that was on my mind all season as
      well. With all the talk of Stallworth's talents, for example, I was
      surprised that he was not thrown to more often. When he did get the
      ball in his hands, he more often than not, made a play. It just
      wasn't very often.

      I imagine, for all TB's talk of "my favorite receiver is the open
      one" talk, it's natural for a QB to become more comfortable with
      certain guys - Manning/Harrison, Montana/Rice, Aikman/Irvin, etc.
      With Welker seemingly always being open, and the big play capability
      of Moss, I'm sure it takes more discipline to spread it around. You
      have to look a little deeper into your progressions when you've got
      the likes of Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel on the field. ;o)


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "George" <patswingr@...> wrote:
      > One of the most frustrating things about being a "TV view only"
      fan is that
      > it leaves us totally unable to fairly judge WRs or DBs. We just
      don't see
      > enough of what they're doing before the ball is thrown.
      > So, in this specific case, I'm left to wonder if Stallworth and
      Gaffney were
      > open more often than Tom threw to them; or if he was forced to go
      to Welker
      > and Moss as often as he did because the former two weren't a
      viable option.
      > George
      > An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!
      > _____
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      > I'm completely pleased with Gaffney on many levels. He probably
      > have quite the talent of Stallworth but I had more confidence that
      Brady and
      > Gaffney were on the same page than Brady and Stallworth.
      > I do think that this was not Tom's best year for spreading the
      ball around
      > but perhaps the folks at Cold Hard Football Facts would set me
      straight if I
      > did the research. I feel Welker and Moss took the vast majority
      of the
      > receptions and throws - not unwise given the talents of both but I
      do think
      > it was a detriment to both of those guys that we didn't have a
      regular tight
      > end target and too often the Gaffney or Stallworth option was
      infrequent at
      > best.
      > Great to hear the team is moving forward in the work-out
      program now and
      > that already the new faces are making a presence - buy into the
      > of work and focus and this team will have another very good year.
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip
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