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Re: A take on the return of Tedy Bruschi

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  • Frank
    Couldn t agree more. I reacted a little emotionally after the SB (who didn t), when I insinuated that he was washed up and should retire. As a more situational
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 19, 2008
      Couldn't agree more. I reacted a little emotionally after the SB
      (who didn't), when I insinuated that he was washed up and should
      retire. As a more situational player, and mentor for the younger
      guys, he's still extremely valuable. He's just an instinctive
      player, motivator, defensive QB, and terrific locker room
      presence... "Ooooooh, yeah!". There's always a place for a guy like


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "George" <patswingr@...> wrote:
      > ***** Totally agree on every point you made, Randy. I'm extremely
      happy to
      > see that Tedy is still with us, while, like you, hoping that we
      add youth to
      > that position, thus reducing Tedy's reps. I want to see him used
      > "situationally" this year, and for however long he is able to
      perform at a
      > high level in that role.
      > (I'll love him until he goes to play for the Jets or Colts.) ;-)
      > George
      > An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!
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      > Subject: [patriotzip] A take on the return of Tedy Bruschi
      > Sleuth asked me my take on Tedy's return. First and foremost I
      don't think
      > Tedy would return if he didn't have the fire and believe he could
      > contribute. I think in his case he has an excellent vantage to
      know if
      > that's true and while I'll take his two year deal one year at a
      time, I
      > think this multi-year deal implies the team is of the belief he can
      > contribute in a worthwhile fashion.
      > Tedy's reps were down significantly this season, especially before
      > Colvin injury. Despite this he still led the team in tackles and
      while he
      > did seemingly miss a few more plays than usual, he was still a
      solid and
      > steady force. We need some youth getting reps at ILB and ideally
      their work
      > with Tedy should help them transition out and keep his legs fresh
      for the
      > pivotal moments of play designed for him. I don't foresee him in
      > coverage on a tight end but in the best of his career that wasn't
      > strength. I think Seau's status will impact Tedy's status
      > Seau still was playing young enough to get many reps and if he
      returns I do
      > expect both to get fewer reps than last year.
      > I'll add this one point, Tedy had a cast on his right hand after
      every game
      > this season. I don't believe that hand injury on the scapula has
      ever put
      > him back at normal play. I'm not making an excuse for him, his
      play has to
      > stand as it stands. In fact it's actually more of a concern since
      while he
      > doesn't wear it outside of games, wearing a thumb locking cast has
      to impact
      > the tackling abilities.
      > So while I don't think Tedy will play until Superbowl 54, I think
      this year
      > he's going to contribute and make some plays that help this team be
      > effective. I think he'll teach some of the youngsters a bit more
      and I
      > think Woods is likely to emerge a bit this year in regular season
      minutes -
      > unless we draft a young and more talented player.
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip
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