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Re: [patriotzip] FW: Looks like Walsh is about to talk

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  • Jan Smyth
    Oh, no, here we go again. Don t get me started. It ll be interesting to see what Walsh has to say and tapes or other evidence he may hold. George
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      Oh, no, here we go again. Don't get me started. It'll be interesting to see what Walsh has to say and tapes or other "evidence" he may hold.

      George <patswingr@...> wrote:
      Interesting, and, for Pats fans, encouraging information here. Very
      interesting character, this Walsh guy. As much as anyone, pro or anti
      Patriots or Belichick, I want to see this thing run to ground! I have to say
      this, if Walsh's claims are true, a hell of a lot more people than Bill
      Belichick have lied about it! I remain firmly in the "innocent until proven
      guilty" camp.

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!

      News reports say a deal between the NFL and Walsh is close.

      The _Globe_ also had the following interesting article about Walsh:

      http://www.boston. com/sports/ football/ patriots/ articles/ 2008/03/09/ to_some_p
      atriots_accuser_ matt_walsh_ is_calculating_ bitter?mode= PF

      With respect to the Rams taping claims, the article says:

      A day later, the eve of the Super Bowl, the Boston Herald cited an
      unidentified source saying the Patriots secretly videotaped the Rams in
      their last practice - a walkthrough - before Super Bowl XXXVI at the
      Superdome in New Orleans.

      Goodell immediately deployed investigators, their focus largely on Walsh.
      The commissioner previously had warned the Patriots that if Belichick or
      team officials lied about the extent of their videotaping practices when
      they were initially questioned, he would suspend Belichick for a year and
      impose similarly severe penalties on the team.

      The Patriots, with their historic season further tarnished by the
      allegation, launched their own investigation. According to individuals
      familiar with the inquiry by the Patriots, every employee who could have
      been involved in taping the Rams, including video director Jimmy Dee,
      assured chief executive Robert Kraft that no one, including Walsh, did so
      unless the person acted without authorization, used his own video equipment,
      and never mentioned or showed the recording to anyone else in the

      Ken Deininger, who served 20 years as the video director until Dee replaced
      him in 1999, spoke to Dee about the allegation last month at the Super Bowl.
      Dee and team officials declined to be interviewed for this article.

      "Jimmy was adamant that there was no way [Walsh] could have done it,"
      Deininger said.

      A league source said NFL investigators found two practical reasons why the
      Patriots could not have used their video equipment to tape the Rams the day
      before the Super Bowl. First, the team's video crew did not take any battery
      packs to the Superdome because they planned only to set up the equipment,
      not to use it. Second, the league confirmed there was no electrical power
      available at the camera positions in the stadium.

      In addition, an NFL investigator interviewed a Patriots employee who left
      the Superdome that day with Walsh and quoted Walsh as saying, "We should
      have taped that," according to a person familiar with the league's inquiry.

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