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Re: Moss Contract

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  • Dave Levine
    * I actually like what Moss does now. It is not a dance and is very unassuming. A simple breaststroke move, dropping the ball, and running to the bench. No
    Message 1 of 26 , Mar 7, 2008
      * I actually like what Moss does now. It is not a dance and is very
      unassuming. A simple breaststroke move, dropping the ball, and
      running to the bench. No dance, no showing off, no showing someone

      * The penalty late in the year was not for excessive celebration. It
      was for a team celebration. For the first time all year, Moss did
      something other than the "split the D" thing and did a little jig.
      Maroney was the idiot who danced along with him garnering the penalty.

      * On a side note, Payton did celebrate by holding the ball up in the
      air for a few seconds and then dropping it or handing it to the ref.
      No more than what Moss does this year. He was showing everyone that
      he was the greatest. The crime is that he never got to do it in the
      SB against us. I don't mind losing to the Bears in the game. I mind
      that the fat Fridge was the one who scored instead of Sweetness.

      * Dave

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "George" <patswingr@...> wrote:
      > ***** I'm with you about 95% on that, Jan. I, too, hate
      the "extended"
      > dances, and elaborate "shows" that some of these guys put on. Also,
      as Randy
      > noted, celebrating a First Down in a relatively meaningless
      situation is way
      > off the "team" line to me. However, I do applaud and appreciate a
      show of
      > emotion. (I guess *I* have to, right?) ;-)
      > ***** I expect a "fist in the air", or a race to embrace or "high
      five" a
      > teammate. I also agree with Randy about the "Lambeau Leap". I liked
      > Brown's "First Down" sign on KEY plays of a drive. As long as the
      > of joy is clearly spontaneous, and "appropriate to the situation",
      I'm for
      > it. I watch games alone. But when the Pats make a big play,
      offensively or
      > defensively, I nearly always let out a shout; sometimes pound my
      fist on the
      > chair, or on my leg (OUCH! Why did I DO that?!); and occasionally,
      as on a
      > game-winning TD, I will leap up out of the chair, driving my fist
      toward the
      > ceiling (fortunately, I'm too short to hit it!). I expect and hope
      that all
      > players feel that kind of emotion after a big play, and love to see
      > express it.
      > ***** The old "hand the ball to the ref" following a TD is, to me,
      > unemotional. This game is all about scoring TDs, and stopping the
      > It's often said that the difference between the talent level on NFL
      teams is
      > very small; and the game is often won based upon "who wants it
      more". I
      > believe that. And I believe that a short burst of emotion shows
      that a
      > player "wants it". But that's it. Just as a team should celebrate a
      win for
      > a short time, then move on to the next game; a player should
      celebrate a big
      > play for just a moment, then move on to preparation for the next
      > ***** Of course, it's almost impossible to legislate this stuff.
      Right now,
      > I think they sometimes go too far in squelching player celebration;
      > ignoring some of the stuff that I consider extreme. But it's just
      > subjective to ever get it perfect for everybody. So we'll just have
      > continue to scowl at the guys who over do it, according to our
      > standards, I guess. :-)
      > George
      > An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!
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