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RE: [patriotzip] Pats sign another Cornerback

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  • George
    ***** Looks like we re headed for a major competition in the DB spots during this training camp. That s a good thing. I just hope there s some real talent in
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      ***** Looks like we're headed for a major competition in the DB spots during this training camp. That's a good thing. I just hope there's some real talent in there somewhere. What concerns me, though, is that, unlike the Seward situation at LB, these CBs are all past the point where we could reasonably hope for them to "bloom". These guys have all had enough years to indicate that they pretty much are what they are - backups, or, at best, second tier starters.
      ***** I'm not excited yet about the DB positions, but I am pleased that we seem to have made some positive additions to depth there. That did hurt us last year. Now we need to "fill in the blank" at starting CB, and possible FS; although I remain confident that Meriweather will fill one of those spots for us.

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      From Reiss:
      This is the proverbial 'shotgun' approach to DB as we are making many signings now but nobody premier.  Both the kid from the Bills and this guy have starting experience but are clearly not at the top tier of starting talent.  Add Richardson as a surprising player from last year's draft adn we've got some competition but no big expectations.
      Tank Williams is a hard hitting safety to back-up Rodney and challeng Harrison a bit  but the corner position still isn't a strength and Sewall aside (no word yet) the Pats are still looking for linebacker help.
      Draft is still ahead but I think we'll see a few more free agent moves first.
      Go Pats!

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