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RE: [patriotzip] Celebrate good times, COME ON!

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  • George
    ***** Ed, you can t believe that BB would allow that stuff from a Patriots player, can you? George An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots! _____ From:
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 6, 2008
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      ***** Ed, you can't believe that BB would allow that stuff from a Patriots player, can you?

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!


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      Subject: [patriotzip] Celebrate good times, COME ON!

      I do infact love the creativity that went into some of the stuff that
      happened with the TD celebrations.
      The creative and FUN premeditations that took place were hilarious.
      I LOVED the Sharpie TD. At this moment I am having trouble thinking of
      some of the others, but there were some great ones. This would be one
      reason that I would like to see Chad Johnson in a Pats Uni.


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogro ups.com, "RandyZ. Pierce" <alaric02@.. .> wrote:

      > Modern day
      football has a host of changes from older school
      football. Some are positive and some are negative depending on your
      personal perspective. Some folks miss the days of 3 yards and a cloud
      of dust as the primary play. The league has caterred to the dollars
      of television which seems to believe that offense is what pays the
      bills. The rules and game have slid to the entertainment push on many
      > Despite this they've often been dubbed the
      No Fun League as they
      attempt to make rules to regulate celebrations. Any pure jubilant
      celebration may please me and may disappoint someone who wants TO
      playing with his pom poms. Neither is right or wrong - they are
      preferences and opinions.
      > I love when players knock
      helmets with their team mates - when a
      runner high fives his O-liene for their blocking. Emphasize the team
      and I'm elated but league wide this is far more of a rarity and much
      more common are the "Prime Time" maneuvers of Deion Sanders, the flash
      of Chad Johnson, the "Lights Out" of Merriman or a host of other
      signature moves that just don't do it for me.
      > I
      similarly dislike the NFL attempts to regulate them when the rules
      are misguided or poorly defined such as to limit the truly spontaneous
      moments of excitement. In 1996 our secondary started this foolish
      interception dance that I absolutely hated. I disrespected the
      disrespect I felt in the Mile High Salute but the initial moment of
      excitement in a spontaneous celebration always showed me the fun they
      were having in the game. Never at your opponent like Keyshawn and his
      throat slicing but plenty of the nice pass-nice catch-nice block team
      > That's my
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip

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