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Re: LPC: Zip to take a risk

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  • Frank
    Randy, I am all for it. Jan seems like a knowledgeable fan, with opinions to share. As I mentioned to you off-line, there is nothing wrong with contrary
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2008
      Randy, I am all for it. Jan seems like a knowledgeable fan, with
      opinions to share. As I mentioned to you off-line, there is nothing
      wrong with contrary opinion, presented in a reasonable manner. It
      enlivens the discussion, and we usually learn something from it.
      Perhaps, ultimately, we can lure Jan back to our fandom. ;o)

      Jan, you're certainly welcome back, as far as I'm concerned. Just one
      question. Maybe it's just me, but shall I refer to you as "he" or
      "she". My wife is named Dana, so I she has that issue as well. LOL!


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "RandyZ. Pierce" <alaric02@...> wrote:
      > Hello List,
      > I don't view all the goings on of this year with entire Pats Purity
      by any stretch. I've moved on from the old bad news and despite not
      being pleased with some of Bellichick's choices and Krafts choices,
      that old news is going to remain old news for me until and unless we
      learn new things positive or negative worthy of sharing and discussion.
      > what I love most is the game of football and the Patriots are the
      team for which I have the most enthusiastic appreciation. I'm very
      enthused to be back in the process of working forward to a new season
      and hopefully many encouraging aspects. I look forward to a year full
      of on-field accomplishments and hopefully many fun times and
      discussions on this list and elsewhere. I'm still rejoicing at the
      signing of Tedy Bruschi, accepting of Samuels moving onward and
      pleased to have Randy Moss on for a three year deal that is as
      'reasonable' as I view any Football salary. I'm glad we have Lonnie
      Paxton again and suspect much more news ahead will have a variety of
      good and less good but lead up to the 2008 team from which I hope to
      experience great things.
      > On to the point of this message:
      > I received several very reasonable notes from Jan Smith and given
      the reasonable interaction and the below note I'm sharing with you all
      from Jan Smith; I am going to allow Jan back onto the list after a few
      weeks of hiatus. I ask you to do your best to keep an open mind even
      as I assure you any of the moderators and myself will be cautious and
      thorough in ensuring the list remains a quality community with good
      discussion albeit not always in agreement. I have communicated to Jan
      that we will error on the side of the list community if we deem things
      to become unreasonable and we will do such fairly quickly. Our
      interaction on this list began while we were all at the most raw for
      various reasons; the pains and frustrations of a very turmultuous and
      emotionally charged season and ending to that season. we all had
      reasons to struggle in that interaction and I'm honestly hopeful there
      may be positive and beneficial interactions in the future.
      > So here is the note sent to me:
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Jan Smyth
      > Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 7:59 AM
      > I'll certainly admit that I got off on the wrong foot here. Please
      remember, it was right after the Super Bowl and I was very distraught
      about the way some Patriot fans were reacting. Too many, I thought,
      were trying to take the victory away from the Giants and make excuses.
      Which is not to say I was reffering to people on this list. The result
      was my intial explosion. It was, in retrospect, too antagonistic and
      too blanket a statement. It also appeared to be attacking people on
      this list rather than the "bad" fans that, the truth be told, all
      teams have.
      > I was stung by the Patriots cheating scandal and it set me off
      against them this past season. I wasn't satisfied with their response
      to it. I found them, particularly BB, smug and arrogant. And now that
      the investigation has shown it's been going on since the day BB
      arrived, I'm even more put off. However, I do not have another team to
      root for. I was always a Patriots fan first and foremost. Hopefully,
      time will heal my wounds. In the future, I may be one one the people
      on this list that doesn't necessarily take things at face value. I may
      want to question and dig deeper, but I assure you, I will not be a
      consistently negative force. I will find good where there's good and
      bad where there's bad. I will hope both the Patriots and my opinion of
      them can build toward a new future.
      > Respectively,
      > Jan
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