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  • Susan Moore
    I KNOW, George, I KNOW...lol!! I do know what you are saying and I agree with you...you re preaching to the choir on that one AND a loud choir it is, right
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 3, 2008
      I KNOW, George, I KNOW...lol!! I do know what you are saying and I agree with you...you're preaching to the choir on that one AND a loud choir it is, right (along with Kevin)..lol!!
      I also get mad when people just blindly dismiss anything and everything the Pats have done just because they've "heard" a rules infraction penalty was slapped on the team. They do NO research and put NO thought into anything at all, but react with a loud and resounding SLAP--like a judge, jury and executioner.
      They get so indignant that they equate niceness with good coaching--the closest I came to that was at Christmas time, when my sister-in-law started in on the cheating thing and was all red in the face and blubbery. She just LOVES that saint Dungy--he's so nice, he's so saintly, he's so moral, he's so religious, etc...as if any of that really is pertinent to whether the team wins or not or whether the players like him or not.
      When they write things on BB, I find it ludicrous that all they talk about is the cheating thing and make him look like a bad guy or a guy that's not "nice" and I'm wondering if any of those writers or authors follow pro sports at all??? Who in heck ever said "nice" is a requirement at all? Give me a huge break..respect and work ethic are what matter (among other things) and if some of those other teams in the NFL adopted those ingredients then maybe they'd win the games also.
      Someone would have to shove absolute proof in my face before I'd agree that "taping" is what won any team any games and I don't think there is any out there.
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      From: George
      Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 8:02 PM
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      Yes, Susan, but I'm not concerned with whether BB is, or is perceived as, a "nice guy". What gets to my gut, and what my friend, David, is saying, is that Belichick is a cheat and a liar, AND that his cheating and lying taints the achievements of the Patriots during his reign. That is ludicrous, and that outrages me. It is simply not true, and every veteran coach who has commented on the "spygate" crap has said the same thing. Video tapes of opponents defensive signals is NOT a significant factor in winning football games. Period. And David, and those like him, choose to blindly ignore that input from people who coach or have coached, in the NFL. I know that I should drop it, and ignore it in the future. But I have a hard time hearing people downplay the achievements the Patriots have earned over these past 7 years.

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!


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      Hey George,
      I read all of the discourse between you and your "friend" from the bottom up and, as Randy said, I've heard it all too--although maybe not as often or as intensely. For one, I don't live in the Patriots area as Randy does and secondly, I'm mostly surrounded by moms with kids and that's not our usual discussion.
      Too bad about the article not holding up in support of someone (or you) liking BB---I know that on this list we are all here for a common purpose and that is being fans of the Patriots. We all have our various opinions on players, moves in the field and trades, management, coaches, etc. and we all have our own opinions on BB and on the rule infraction, etc.
      That being said above....one seemingly simple question comes to mind when reading the article and the commentary on it...WHERE does it say that we have to like a coach that is in charge of our team or any team for that matter??? WHY does he have to be a nice guy? I don't agree with any of that at all...from all that I've read, he has a good (maybe great) repoire with his players and that really to me is the bottom line overall. IF the owners are happy with him and the players are happy with him and his style of coaching, then what else really matters???
      I don't see players bailing out in trades because he's an SOB or the owners firing him--didn't he just get a contract extension?
      Nice does you well in some cases, but I'm not sure that it's essential in this case. I think that most of these articles are, as Shakespeare said, "much ado about nothing".
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      From: George
      Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 8:08 PM
      Subject: RE: [patriotzip] FW: Off The Field

      I had forgotten the name of the article. Popped right up in Google. Thanks.
      I will confess that I had not read it through the first time. I was put off by the verbose opening, and overall style of the author, Elizabeth Merrill. Sorry, but I think she is an absolutely terrible writer. The apparent objective of this overly long article was to "see inside" Bill Belichick. This is done with a handful of anecdotes, surrounded by reams of poorly structured ramblings. There's no real sense of continuity, and not even an attempt at reasonable transitions. It's like reading a bad gossip column from some tabloid, only with a "good", rather than "nasty" theme.
      Nevertheless, this time I trudged through the entire article. I tried to read it from the point of view of somebody who hated Belichick, since I had intended to send the link to David. Well, this thing didn't even convince ME that Belichick is a nice guy! So, I won't be sending it on to anybody. I'll  just have to "let it rest", and move on, as you suggested. This bothers me only because, as I said in my lead paragraph to the discussion with David, I really like this guy. We were becoming genuine friends, until this unreasonable, hateful element of his personality came out. Too

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