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  • George
    ***** I guess my psychological age really is beginning to catch up with the chronological version. Or maybe it s just a strong, subconscious, hangover from the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2008
      ***** I guess my psychological age really is beginning to catch up with the chronological version. Or maybe it's just a strong, subconscious, hangover from the shocking loss in SB 42. In any case, I am not feeling any desire at all to get into either the speculation, prediction, or worry mode about this off-season. Sorry, but I'm just not "feelin' it".
      ***** I seem to have moved further and further away from it with each passing year of BB's reign. He is the most unpredictable HC/GM I have ever observed. Every time we think we've got at least some part of his philosophy and strategy figured out, he does something else. And that, more so than my age, or the failure to add our 4th SB win, that has put me in neutral.
      ***** Now please don't misread that as a complaint. I am immeasurably grateful for the results he has produced. But he has taken the off-season "amateur GM" drive totally out of me.
      ***** I just feel that I want to watch and wait until it's all (or most of it) over at the end of April. Whatever FA moves we make between now and then have to be folded in with what we do in the Draft, to give us a reasonably reliable view of the 2008 New England Patriots. Until that point, I honestly haven't a clue, and will be content to follow the "In Bill We Trust" mantra, until and unless he fails to produce a contending team.

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!


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      This is the slow time of free agency because officially it hasn't begun.  In fact teams doing any negotiations with agents or players  (other than their own) are breaking the rules.
      Interesting link from Steve:
      One of the common Pats tactics prior to last season was to let the first opening volleys of high priced signings pass and then seek out the values from the remaining.  That's been a frustrating approach in the past and last year certainly was exciting for the lack of tha tapproach.  Still I'm bracing for a quiet initial run and a hope that when the dust settles after the draft we'll have the framework for a team we think can compete very well for the upcoming season.
      Go Pats!

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