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  • NebraskaRSfan
    I have one thought Susan ! Actually, I lied.. I have several !! Bravo !!! Well Said !! HooooooooRAH !!!! Chat room and Forum Posting at:
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      I have one thought Susan !


      Actually, I lied.. I have several !!


      Bravo !!!


      Well Said !!


      HooooooooRAH !!!!




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      While reading the letters to the sports editors this morning in the L.A. Times (all negative about the Super Bowl) and the posts on here, I just have some random thoughts about the whole football picture. The big picture is the bottom line here, I think.

      After 6 days, I'm still sad that my favorite team didn't win, but I'm processing it and moving on. It's somewhat hard to do with all the negative attitudes out there and all the vitriolic, crucifying gloating that's floating around, much of it very surprising to me and most of it not really justified.

      In our household we have 5 teams that we root for, for various reasons...bandwagon fans? Not at all (over 20 years for each team)..Rams because we had tickets for 4 years, Patriots and Vikings because my husband lived in North Dakota  and he picked these teams because they had none, Broncos (me because I love Colorado ) and Cowboys (started when they were down in the cellar, plus Aikman went to UCLA).

      Each fan has a team and he/she wants that team to win...when they don't, they still root for that team and keep themselves as a fan. I think that the hard part comes in when a team never wins and one team seems to always win, at a certain time period. When we went to the Rams games (89-92), the 49ers always won...but I never ragged on the 49ers and called them cheaters or lowlifes or arrogant, etc. Was I disappointed to see them always win? Yes, but that didn't justify an name-calling. I liked it when the Cowboys had their streak and the Broncos had theirs, but when someone else wins I don't cut that team down. I get sad or frustrated, but then say let's do it next year. Some teams never have a next year, but their fans still keep on rooting for them.

      When a certain team is at the top, it's hard to stay there without some scrutiny attached..how do they do it, what is going on, etc?

      One poster mentioned the 49ers and Broncos had salary cap issues and that might have been cheating, but then the league needs to take care of it, if that is the case.

      Sorry if I'm rambling, but I'm just trying to make some sense out of all of this...with the taping thing, most teams do it to a certain degree (as some posters have stated) and if the cellar dweller tapes no one is going to make any big deal out of it. When the top team is caught doing something the commissioner told them not to do, then it's an issue. But even as a Rams fan (I was happy for the Pats in 2002 by the way), I don't think the run-through is a big deal at all because why now, 6 years later? That makes it seem really fishy to me, like it's heaped onto the other vendetta. Like someone said, all camera equipment is screened and so someone should have seen the person taping and didn't do anything about that then...so in my mind it's a dead issue.

      Anyway, I think that all fans should be happy when their team wins, sad if they lose, sad if they never go anywhere but gracious overall and move forward. Anyone else with some general thoughts?



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