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RE: [SPAM] RE: [patriotzip] The LB Situation (was: Re: Still so sad.....)

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  • George
    ***** I wasn t intimating that Tedy and Junior lost this game, Don. I said very clearly in my game related summary that the OL, Brady, and the secondary were
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 6, 2008
      ***** I wasn't intimating that Tedy and Junior "lost" this game, Don. I said very clearly in my game related summary that the OL, Brady, and the secondary were the primary factors in the loss of the game.
      ***** In this post, I was looking to the future of the team, and the overall situation. I believe that we are not fast enough from the ILB spots to get to the outside (against many, if not most teams); and that neither Tedy nor Junior are capable of consistently solid pass coverage in the intermediate middle area against TEs and slot receivers. I think it's time to put younger, faster players into those positions, rather than to continue depending upon these two great players (and great people) for "one year too long".
      ***** Is their experience valuable? Of course it is. The fact that they are great LBs, with superb recognition skills, is a major contributor to their ability to still play at a high level, in most situations, at their age. But Willie McGinest has great recognition skills too. He lost a step or two, and he's gone. That hurt me tremendously, since I've always been a major fan of Willie McGinest. But it was the best move for this football team.
      ***** I don't suggest the replacement of Tedy and Junior with even a hint of rancor or accusations toward these guys. I love both of them, and everything they've brought to the Patriots, and to the game in general. But nobody plays forever. They're old, Don. It happens to every athlete. There are now weaknesses in their game that did not exist 3-4 years ago. It's time to move on.
      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!

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      I just don’t get the ripping on Tedy and Junior.  They both had a great game and made a lot of tough plays.  The stuff that killed us was the inability of our youngest and most inexperienced defensive secondary, and Samuels.  In my opinion what is lacking is not youth but experience on our defense.  I wouldn’t mind seeing some more youth at LB for the future but to say Seau and Bruschi need to be replaced because they lost us the game well based on what?  Neither of them gave up big plays and the Giants didn’t have a great running game nor did they kill us with short passes in the middle.  There is just no reason to run these two down as they got the job done.  Place the blame where it belongs.  Our young defensive secondary players like Merriweather just haven’t had enough playing time to say they are a bust.  Samuels however is not a top CB, he is not a shutdown CB, so if another team wants to pay him top CB money then in my opinion good riddance to him.  If our team is going to pay top CB money then lets get a top shutdown CB.

      I especially don’t get the ripping on Tedy and Junior considering it wasn’t our defense that lost the game, it was our offensive line.


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      Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 11:51 PM
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      Subject: [patriotzip] The LB Situation (was: Re: Still so sad.....)

      ***** In my heart, I, too, would like to see both of them return. However, my head says that I wouldn't want either as a full-time starter again. We must get more speed from those ILB spots to the outside. Neither Tedy nor Junior can provide that any more, at their age. Their savvy and spirit are still extremely valuable for spot use, but we need a major infusion of youth at LB next season. Even Vrabel, at 32 (33 next season), is not consistently a factor anymore. (Did you hear his name much in the SB? He had 1 tackle, and 1 assist.) And what about Larry Izzo? He's going to be 34 next season; is no longer the dominant force he was on STs; and is holding a roster spot that could be filled by a true defensive LB. Next season, Thomas and Colvin, who should be our starting OLBs, IMO, will both be 31. Both still have no more than a couple of good seasons left.

      ***** That's our top 6 LBs at 31 or older. We need to retool at LB, folks. It's time to see if our top 2 young LBs, Woods and Alexander, are starter material. Alexander is the ILB we need to step in to replace either Tedy or Junior. The other spot may have to be a FA. Perhaps Pioli and BB can find another Mike Vrabel out there to come in from a backup/STs spot on another team, and blossom as a starter here. Our other in-house young LB is IR'd draft pick Oscar Lua. Who knows what he's got? Maybe he can step into Alexander's backup and STs spot, if Alexander can, in fact, start. 

      ***** In any case, it's time to make major moves at LB, particularly inside. Set aside the affection, respect, and gratitude we all have for the great Junior Seau and Tedy Bruschi. I, for one, would not be upset to see both retire, and move into that Pats LB HOF in my head with Tommy Addison, Steve Nelson, Andre Tippet, Willie McGinest, and a couple of others. Great players all. But time does march on. We can't keep all of our old favorites on the roster, and have room for new blood. There must be turnover.  

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!

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      I'd like to see both of them return. Has Bruschi had any lasting effects from that stroke he had? Doesn't seem like it.

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      Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 1:56 PM

      Subject: Re: [patriotzip] Re: Still so sad.....

      I believe both Bruschi and Seau want to return.  That's what I heard.


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      From: Frank

      Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 1:46 PM

      Subject: [patriotzip] Re: Still so sad.....

      I just visited Miguel's salary cap page, and there are a number of
      players whose contracts have now expired. Here are my random

      Moss; I imagine he will be back.

      Samuel; I would guess he's gone.

      Brown, Bruschi, Seau; I'm guessing retiring.

      Pierre Woods, Wesley Britt, Ray Ventrone, Randall Gay, Lonnie
      Paxton, Jabar Gaffney; all probably back.

      Rashad Baker, Eugene Wilson, Mel Mitchell, Larry Izzo; could go
      either way.

      Willie Andrews; Two more years on his contract, but after today I
      think he's gone.

      Players coming back from IR who could help us...

      Oscar Lua
      David Thomas
      Mike Richardson
      Sammy Morris
      Mike Wright
      Rosey Colvin (if he isn't released)

      And what do we do with Stallworth?? ?


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogro ups.com, llj7366@... wrote:

      > Susan,
      > I know many people on the list have attended the event before, but
      it was 
      > really amazing!  I hope we are there next year!  Only time will 
      tell!  I wonder
      > who will be back for the PATS!  Has anyone heard any  rumors about
      > from any of the players?  And who needs a new  contract?
      > LISA

      > In a message dated 2/5/2008 12:49:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
      > scmoore@... writes:

      > Hey Lisa,
      > Glad it was a good experience, even if it wasn't  the ending we
      had hoped for
      > or expected.
      > I think it would be awesome to even be there, no  matter what the
      > Here's to next year on Feb. 1st in Florida ...with  the outcome we

      > Susan

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