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  • Susan Moore
    Wow, this stuns me almost as much as the loss last Sunday. It is an incredible waste of time, talent and money to pursue this at all..it s been settled by the
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      Wow, this stuns me almost as much as the loss last Sunday. It is an incredible waste of time, talent and money to pursue this at all..it's been settled by the NFL and that should be the end of it.
      IF it does go forth, I hope to he-- that all teams are investigated to the fullest and then it's thrown to the wind.
      Does the saying "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" ring true here? I think that it's a case of collosal egos at work here.
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      ***** One of my email contacts here noted that the Patriots, and the NFL,
      will now have to face the prospect of a very messy Senate hearing on the
      'spygate' issue. I want to share my thoughts on that with all of you.
      Regarding the potential Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, I consider that
      ludicrous to the point of being nearly criminal itself. The activities of
      the NFL are NOT a matter for the attention of the US Senate! How can anyone
      even consider wasting the time and attention of our government, not to
      mention the money, on the issue of whether or not a football team "cheated",
      or the league "covered it up"?!

      The NFL is treated by the government as a single entity. They share revenue.
      They are, in fact, a single organization, with individual "profit centers"
      that operate with a specified degree of independence. If one team violates a
      rule - ANY RULE - that is a matter for the NFL to address within its'
      organizational walls. It is no more a matter for public scrutiny than would
      be a rule violation by one part of any business against another part of that

      In my opinion, if there is a thorough investigation, it will reveal that the
      same, or similar "rule violations" have been committed by many NFL teams
      over the years; and that the NFL, with the knowledge and acceptance of the
      teams in the league, has swept all of it under the rug. The NFL will come
      out with a stink that will have the media in an absolutely orgasmic frenzy
      over all the print, audio, and video bullsh*t it can generate about it. And
      guess what? Nobody will care. The effect upon the attention of the fans to
      the game will be virtually unaffected. The fans will continue to flock to
      the stadiums, and tune their TVs to the games. The money will continue to
      flow from the fans to the teams and the league. And most fans will have
      another reason to be disgusted with the media; which, also, will not change
      a thing.

      The whole issue is a waste of time, both within, and outside of the NFL.
      Dozens of present and former NFL people have made it very clear that most,
      if not all, NFL teams have taken and used video tape that was obtained in a
      manner that violated league rules. All of them have used methods within the
      rules to try to "steal the signals" of opposing teams. The fact is that the
      Patriots were not penalized for "cheating", they were penalized for
      violating the directive of the Commissioner that forbid taping in that
      manner. It was, as many NFL people now state both publicly and privately, an
      error in judgment by the Commissioner to open this Pandora's Box. He was
      motivated by his ego and arrogance to stomp on Belichick for daring to defy
      his authority.

      But, agree or disagree with any or all of that last paragraph, I don't
      understand how anyone can believe that this is a matter for the time,
      attention, and money of the US government!

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!

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