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Re: [SPAM] Re: [patriotzip] Who showed up?

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  • Susan Moore
    I m just so darn frustrated with the whole thing, that maybe I m not using the right words in the right context. Part of me is so pro-Pats (as we all are
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 5, 2008
      I'm just so darn frustrated with the whole thing, that maybe I'm not using the right words in the right context.
      Part of me is so pro-Pats (as we all are here...) that it's hard to be gracious with this bitter loss...also I loathe the Giants because I'm a Cowboys fan and I'm sick to death of the Mannings and the descriptions of them (papers, media, etc) that have them one step short of heaven's angels. I just don't understand all of that hype over the Mannings that goes on and on and on..even when WE won in 2004 and 2005, they were still fawning over Manning. Just don't get it...I don't see equal treatment (at least in L.A.) of Brady and his accomplishments or the Pats in general, mostly criticism. 
      I DO admit it's unusual for a father and two sons to all have played pro ball and for them to both have won SBs, and back to back no less...did Archie win a Super Bowl???
      That being said (and it's just opinion), I do know that the Giants had a charmed game on one given day...were they the best team? NO, not even close in my opinion, but they did bring the best game that day and got lucky with some of their sequences. So congrats to them, very reluctantly of course.
      I personally do think that I'd use the word choke with the Pats... to me it means that you didn't show up with your A game and didn't play or perform up to your ability. I don't think they came close to playing up to their ability and thusly, gave it away.
      ARRRGGG, I'm just so sad...whatever happened with their ability or not, it's going to take awhile for this sting to go away because it's not even close to the game I was expecting to see and that's where my surprise and shock comes in.
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      From: George
      Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 8:08 PM
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      ***** Easy there, Susan. The Giants DID "take it away from us", because they played their best game. If it had been a game in which both teams played badly, and we lost, I'd say we gave it to them. But that was not the case here. While the Patriots failed to play their best game, they played well enough to win in spite of it, if the Giants had not played their best game. I see a major difference there.
      ***** Whatever we say about the Patriots effort, it's not fair to detract from the fact that the Giants played the best game they could play, from the opening kickoff, to defending the final, dumb, desperation pass to Randy Moss. They earned the win.



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      Go ahead and comment in mixed company about the O-line...lol! ! I'm about to say some of those same words myself.
      Even though I'm usually a very bad sport, I summon up congrats most of the time--in this case it's hard for me because I don't think that they really "took it away" fr
      om us, but rather we beat ourselves for the reasons you list below.
      That's why I'm so stunned today--feel as if someone sucker-punched me in a fight. It was in our grasp for heaven's sake and we just blew it.
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      From: Frank
      Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 5:31 AM
      Subject: [patriotzip] Who showed up?

      Kudos to some players who actually showed up to play last night.

      Wes Welker; 11 catches, over 100 yards.
      Kevin Faulk; Several catches and first downs.
      Rodney Harrison; led the team with 11 tackles. Would have been a
      hero if he had separated the ball to Tyree on "the pass of the game".

      Entire O-line; Can't comment in mixed company. Can their election to
      the Pro Bowl be recinded?
      Ellis Hobbs; seemed lost all night. Bit badly on Plaxico's fake on
      the final TD.
      Asante; Let the game clinching INT slip through his fingers. He
      usually makes that play in his sleep.
      BB/coaching staff; did BB punish Gostkowski for kicking out of
      bounds by not sending him out to try a 48 yarder on 4th and 13? You
      think those three point would have been useful? Where were the
      protection adjustments? Where was the no-huddle to pick up the tempo
      of the game?


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