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Re: [patriotzip] RE: Completly Sickened

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  • Susan Moore
    Somehow, someway, those Mannings have things go their way--sure wonder how they do it. Since they couldn t hold Peyton up this time, they do it with Eli...if I
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 4, 2008
      Somehow, someway, those Mannings have things go their way--sure wonder how they do it. Since they couldn't hold Peyton up this time, they do it with Eli...if I hear much more about those two I'm going to hurl.
      I live in L.A. (Orange County) and since we no longer have a team, the closest thing to it has to be the Chargers. I despise the Chargers but I just love how those fans around me were rooting for the Giants because they didn't like hearing about Brady...I think the joke's on them because you should root for the team that pushes you out, makes you look better--also with the Mannings pulling out of San Diego, hello??? Duh..that could have been you in the Super Bowl.
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      I agree John, this was a terrible officiating performance and nearly
      completely one-sided. Undoubtedly this affected the game but that said our
      Patriots didn't play their best game in the biggest game of the year and the
      Giants did something we did sparsely and that is make big plays when needed.
      Ultimately, the biggest reason for our loss is that our team didn't make the
      plays when they need to. Still, I'd like to hear the "Excuse maker in
      Chief" Perriera slither out of this one on Wednesday if he has the nerve to
      try it.


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      I'm just appalled, yes they didn't play their best game, some of the play
      calling was certainly questionable, should have kicked the Field Goal, how
      about a couple running plays to run down the clock with 3 minutes left in
      the game. However I have to point out that for three years in a row that
      was one of the worst officiated Super Bowls I have ever seen. It was too
      the point that BB had to throw a flag just to get them to throw a flag, my
      God, I was closer to being on the field then he was to being off, and I'm
      suppose to believe they MISSED that, ya right.

      Why is that almost every time they showed a replay to show how much
      protection Eli had, I see Holding? Why is it that the Giant's receivers
      are allowed to throw our defenders to the ground? On several plays there
      was blatant pass interference, hell on our last drive it looked like
      defensive holding on Moss, and then there was the double team tackle of a
      receiver before the ball even gets there, we would have been called on
      each and every one of those plays, hell we were getting called for false
      starts that should have gone the other way anyway. I'm sure Goodell can
      sleep better now that Shula, Manning and Spector are happy.

      "Good, bad or indifferent, something will happen." - Jeff Curro

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    • David Brunat
      BB wrote: I ve been on this list and the old Usenet list since the late 80s . . . BTW- Phil and I have been anti-Bledose since before
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 12, 2008
        BB <bbeaulac@...> wrote:
        I've been on this list and the old Usenet list since the late 80s . . .

        BTW- Phil and I have been anti-Bledose since before Darren was here.
        LOL despite what Steve may think, I have never said "I told you so".
        :) My worst contribution to the list, at least in Cecil's eyes, might
        have been inviting Jacob to join. LOL.

        You've had far worse contributions than that you cantankerous old bastard.  But Jacob is surely one of your worse.
        I joined the list in its 2cnd or 3rd year.  It was much better when the Pats sucked.  There was an actual analasys to perform each week.  Now it goes the Pats play some team then crush them or pull it out of their ass.  I am slowly getting over the loss.  There were 3 opportunities to stop that final drive and we blew it.  nothing before that drive mattered.  Consequently the "Perfect Season" perfectly sucked.  It is meaningless without the big game.
        You've attached yourself to this spygate thing like a pit bull on a chuck roast because of your obseessive compulsion to champion something negative.  I know you Bloody Bill (who remembers that).  In football there were always rules that were strictly enforced and some not so strictly.  This was one of those cases.  Technically it was illegal but it doesn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things.  The charge about us filming the Rams walk thru is much more serious.  That Giants video "Cheated" is pretty damn funny actually.  Not much different than that "Let it Snow" song I wrote after the infamous "tuck" game.  The "cheated" video also hurts me like a well placed kick in the groin.  I watched the entire video as part of my own self-humbling.  I have been insufferable and merciless with other team's fans.  I deserve a Karma check and the loss was part of it.  I went through a similar thing after the 85 loss.  Let the spygate thing go.  It will be very interesting to see how the Pats rebound after this.  This game only proved that they are not God's gift to football.
        The BrewGnat

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